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Peter Tatchell Day

  • 29th January 2012

    In Photos: Peter Tatchell 60th Birthday party fundraiser 13

    1:01 PM — Last Thursday to celebrate the 60th birthday of the legendary human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, QueerlyOut held a fundraiser party with all door proceeds donated to the Peter Tatchell Foundation to continue the valuable work that Peter does day in, day out.

  • 25th January 2012

    The timeline of Peter Tatchell 6

    Peter Tatchell marks 45 years of rights campaigning today

    10:41 AM — To mark Peter Tatchell's 60th birthday and 45 years of service to the gay community through his human rights campaigning, QX Magazine presented a timeline of the life of this remarkable man so far.

  • Peter Tatchell on arresting Robert Mugabe and interrupting Archbishop Carey 6

    Peter Tatchell talks about two of his most famous protests

    10:09 AM — In Peter Tatchell's own words, his account of hijacking the Archbishop of Canterbury‚Äôs Easter Sermon in 1998 and his first attempt at a citizen's arrest of Robert Mugabe.

  • Video: Peter Tatchell through the years 11

    Peter Tatchell through the years

    12:42 AM — In celebration of his 60th birthday and more than 45 years of campaigning, the Peter Tatchell Foundation has created a video showing some iconic images from the life and times of Peter Tatchell.

  • 24th January 2012

    A prose poem for Peter Tatchell, by Stephen Fry 26

    11:55 PM — Author, actor and television presenter Stephen Fry wrote this prose poem to mark Peter Tatchell's 60th birthday. It forms part of our day long celebration of the life of Peter Tatchell, Britain's iconic LGBT rights champion

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