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partnerships act

  • 23rd February 2010

    Bishops call for gay civil partnerships in church 43

    Senior and retired clergy said faiths should be allowed to hold the ceremonies

    10:38 AM — Senior clergy in the Church of England called today to lift the ban on gay couples having civil partnerships in church. They said that it was inconsistent and discriminatory to ban gay couples having their ceremonies in churches willing to accommodate them.

  • 12th February 2010

    Church of England approves pension rights for gay civil partners 7

    The Church voted for equal pension rights for civil partners

    12:13 PM — The Church of England General Synod yesterday approved giving the civil partners of deceased gay clergy equal pensions rights. This means that they will be given the same pensions benefits as heterosexual widows or widowers.

  • 26th January 2010

    Government will consider religious civil partnerships 19

    The government said it would consider allowing religious civil partnerships

    1:27 PM — The government has agreed to consider allowing civil partnerships to be held in religious premises after a debate in the House of Lords last night.

  • 18th January 2010

    Church to vote on financial benefits for gay partners of clergy 12

    The church will consider equal benefits for gay spouses

    12:02 PM — The Church of England will vote next month on whether to give more benefits to the civil partners of gay clergy. The General Synod will consider the idea of giving equal pension benefits to both straight and gay surviving spouses.

  • 21st December 2009

    Happy fourth anniversary for civil partnerships 40

    Today is the fourth anniversary of civil partnerships

    10:35 AM — Today marks the fourth anniversary of civil partnerships in England and Wales. Although Scotland celebrated its first civil partnership on December 20th 2005 due to a misunderstanding over the date, today marks the fourth anniversary for gay couples in England and Wales.

  • 10th October 2005

    Gay and Lesbian Home Buying Hits All Time High

    12:00 AM — According to a new study by European based legal insurer Zurich Professional, gays and lesbians are buying more homes in recent years ever before. Lesbian and gay couples are increasingly buying properties together, according to to the survey.

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