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oskaloosa iowa

  • 22nd December 2011

    Gay Republicans say Newt Gingrich’s “vote Obama” comment was “mischaracterised” 33

    Newt Gingrich told a gay voter to back Obama if marriage equality was the "most important" issue to him

    10:42 AM — Newt Gingrich's suggestion that a gay Iowan voter support US President Barack Obama in next year's elections if he values marriage equality above other issues has been "mischaracterised" according to gay Republican groups.

  • 21st December 2011

    Newt Gingrich “told gay Iowan to vote for Obama” 38

    Gingrich was asked how he would engage with gay Americans

    1:01 PM — A gay man in Iowa says when he asked Republican presidential candidacy hopeful Newt Gingrich how he would engage gay Americans, the politician told him he should support Obama. The exchange took place at an event in Oskaloosa, Iowa, for Gingrich's campaign to win his party's nomination for the presidential elections next year.

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