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  • 25th November 2011

    New HIV prevention campaign asks businesses to help promote condom use 18

    Clever Dick / Smart Arse will run until February 2012

    9:42 AM — 'Clever Dick / Smart Arse' will see 100,000 condoms distributed around the country and aims to promote the awareness of the role they play in reducing risk during sex.

  • 6th October 2011

    Google removes ‘Is my son gay?’ app 28

    The French version of the app

    2:14 PM — An Android app which claims to be able to tell anxious mothers whether their sons are gay has been pulled from Google's online store. The app asks 20 stereotypical questions, such as ‘Does your son like to dress well?’ and ‘Does he like musicals?’

  • 2nd February 2011

    Police launch new hate crime website 8

    Police say hate crime is under-reported

    11:40 AM — A new website to encourage people to report hate crime has been launched. True Vision gives information on what hate crime is and how to report it.

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