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  • 24th September 2013

    New York: Protest against Russian anti-gay laws disrupts opening night of Tchaikovsky opera 1

    A demonstration had already been held outside the Met Opera earlier in the evening (Photo: Twitter)

    5:01 PM — A protest against Russia's anti-gay laws disrupted the Metropolitan Opera's opening night gala for Tachaikovsky's Eugene Onegin last night. While a demonstration occurred outside, four protesters were asked to leave the venue after shouting anti-Russian statements as the lights dimmed before the performance.

  • 7th July 2011

    Opera writer may take legal action over council’s ‘defamatory’ statements 23

    It was claimed that the opera included a paedophile character

    4:00 PM — The author of a community opera cancelled after a gay row says he may take legal action over "defamatory" comments made by the council, in which it claimed a gay character was a paedophile.

  • 11th March 2011

    Interview: Genderqueer performer CN Lester 14

    CN Lester (centre) with members of En Travesti Ensemble

    5:25 PM — “It didn’t matter what your genitals were, what mattered was: do you have a beautiful voice and do you look fabulous?” Genderqueer performer CN Lester, who identifies as neither male nor female, talks to Paris Lees about sexual harassment, operatic androgyny and a mutual fear of going blind.

  • 29th December 2010

    Exclusive: Why did BBC call on Christian who supports execution of gays to comment on Sir Elton’s baby? 139

    Stephen Green speaking to the BBC last night

    3:46 AM — The BBC's flagship News at Six on BBC One featured a right-wing fundamentalist Christian who had previously supported the execution of gay people to comment on the birth of a surrogate son to Sir Elton John and his civil partner David Furnish. Incredibly, the BBC did not seem to realise that the same preacher had faced bankruptcy after losing an attempted private prosecution for blasphemy against the director general of the BBC after the character of Jesus described himself as "a little bit gay" in 'Jerry Springer: The Opera'.

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