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muslim extremists

  • 14th October 2011

    Government consults on removing ‘insulting’ speech from public order laws 217

    The government is considering changing the Public Order Act

    11:52 AM — The Home Office is looking at the possibility of removing the offence of causing "insult' from the Public Order Act. The law has been used to arrest Christian street preachers who deliver anti-gay sermons, such as Cumbrian preacher Dale McAlpine.

  • 26th September 2011

    500 attend East London Pride 15

    Marchers at East London Pride

    5:15 PM — Five hundred people joined a Pride march through east London on Saturday after a troubled year for the area.

  • 12th January 2010

    ‘No right to not be offended’, says Tatchell 59

    Peter Tatchell attacked the convictions

    1:11 PM — Peter Tatchell has spoken out in defence of five Islamic extremists convicted of abusive language at a march in Luton last year. He acknowledged their homophobia but said free speech must be defended.

  • 5th January 2010

    Anti-gay hate preacher’s march may be banned 85

    Anjem Choudary has not given a date for the proposed march

    12:11 PM — An attempt by an anti-gay Muslim preacher to hold a march in a British town may be blocked by home secretary Alan Johnson. Islam4UK, headed by Anjem Choudary, plans to march through Wootton Bassett, a town famous for honouring soldiers killed abroad.

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