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  • 2nd December 2011

    Church of England lawyers dismiss fears over new civil partnership rules 73

    The Church says marriages and civil partnerships are different public services so the Equality Act would not apply (Photo: Eamon Curry)

    5:40 PM — The Church says the fact that civil partnerships and marriages are separate legal concepts means it is "clear" the Equality Act 2010 could not be invoked to force them to perform both: "A gentlemen's outfitter is not required to supply women's clothes."

  • MPs move to strike down religious civil partnership rules 100

    Edward Leigh MP has previously spoken of his "astonishment" at the government's consideration of gay marriage

    10:37 AM — A small group of MPs is echoing calls made in the House of Lords that new regulations for civil partnerships may force places of worship to marry gay couples alongside straight ones. Edward Leigh, a Catholic Conservative backbencher said the House of Commons was not able to debate the regulations properly.

  • 17th January 2011

    Golden Globe host Ricky Gervais makes ‘famous gay Scientologist’ jibe

    Ricky Gervais hosted the Golden Globes

    11:34 AM — Hosting the Golden Globes in California last night, Ricky Gervais delighted in making a series of risque jokes about famous faces in the audience, including one about "famous Scientologists" pretending to be straight.

  • 18th November 2010

    Australian MPs to canvass voters on gay marriage 4

    Australian MPs voted to canvass the public on gay marriage

    12:02 PM — Australian politicians will ask voters whether gay marriage should be legalised after the Green Party won a motion on the issue. A recent poll commissioned by gay groups found 62 per cent of respondents in favour of the change.

  • 14th January 2010

    MPs sign motion to condemn Uganda’s gay execution bill 8

    MPs called on the government to condemn the bill

    1:05 PM — Twenty MPs have signed an early day motion to attack Uganda's plans to introduce the death penalty for gays. The motion was tabled by Labour MP Harry Cohen and calls for the British government and European Union to press Uganda not to proceed with the law.

  • 13th January 2010

    Scottish MPs condemn arrest of gay Malawian men 1

    Scottish MPs condemned the arrests

    4:29 PM — More than 20 members of the Scottish parliament condemned the arrest of two gay men in Malawi who held a wedding ceremony. The motion was signed by members of all main parties and called for parliament to condemn the "illegal and homophobic arrests" of Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga.

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