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Michael Scott-Joynt

  • 1st November 2010

    Bishops say gay rights laws damage Christian freedoms 60

    Senior clerics said that there was a clash of rights

    12:20 PM — Leading Church of England bishops have claimed that equality laws mean gay rights are being "privileged" over the rights of Christians. The figures, including former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey and Bishop of Winchester Michael Scott-Joynt, said that gay rights supporters are able to "suppress all disagreement or disapproval and 'coerce silence'."

  • 25th January 2010

    Senior bishops call on Lords to retain gay employment exemptions 40

    The House of Lords will debate amendments later

    3:00 PM — A statement from three senior bishops calls on peers today to retain and even widen religious exemptions on employing gay people. It says churches will be sued under legislation in he Equality Bill

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