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malcolm turnbull

  • 6th July 2012

    Australia: Liberal MP Malcolm Turnbull hits out at anti-gay ‘hypocrisy’ 16

    Australia continues to grapple with marriage equality

    10:38 PM — Australian Liberal MP Malcolm Turnbull has attacked anti-gay campaigners as "dripping with the worst sort of hypocrisy". Frontbencher Mr Turnbull, who was delivering a lecture on the Gold Coast, attacked the coalition for its unwillingness to legalise marriage for gay couples, The Age reports.

  • 8th February 2011

    Australian MP polls constituents on gay marriage 10

    Polls show more support for marriage equality

    4:51 PM — Australian Liberal MP Malcolm Turnbull has begun polling his constituents on the issue of marriage equality. The former opposition leader has sent questionnaires to residents in his Sydney seat of Wentworth.

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