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lord chancellor

  • 28th January 2013

    Church in Wales hints that one day it may agree to marry gay couples 9

    The Archbishop of Wales is against a ban (Photo: National Assembly for Wales)

    12:50 PM — The Church in Wales has responded to the publication of the government’s Marriage (Same Sex Couples Bill) and says the proposals give it scope to consider sanctioning marriages for gay couples in the future.

  • 2nd February 2011

    Former Tory Lord Chancellor says Christians must have the right to bar gays 75

    Lord Mackay argued that Christians should be free to bar gay couples

    4:52 PM — Lord Mackay of Clashfern has argued that Christians must be free to act on their consciences when it comes to gay rights. The former Lord Chancellor under Margaret Thatcher and John Mayor said insisting that Christians abide by equality laws - such as in the case of hotel owners - was "Orwellian".

  • 24th February 2010

    Call for more gay, female and ethnic minority judges 20

    The report said the judiciary should be more diverse

    5:33 PM — A government review has said that more should be done to attract diverse candidates to the judiciary. According to the Advisory Panel on Judicial Diversity, women, gay people, ethnic minorities and disabled people should receive preferential treatment over other candidates at the end of the selection process.

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