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  • 8th February 2012

    Trans charity to speak at Leveson Inquiry today 11

    The Leveson Inquiry is taking place at the Royal Courts of Justice in London (Photo: Flickr user antmoose)

    10:19 AM — The Leveson Inquiry will hear today from Trans Media Watch, a charity which supports accurate and respectful reporting on trans and intersex people in the media.

  • 2nd February 2012

    London protest follows Sweden’s trans sterilisation rule 24

    A protest was held outside the Swedish embassy in London this week (Photo: Metro Centric)

    10:55 AM — Worldwide protest at continuing insistence by the Swedish government on what has been described as a policy of eugenics in respect of trans men and women led on Monday to the unusual sight of a demo outside that country's London embassy.

  • 1st February 2012

    John Amaechi: London will see through ‘undesirable gays’ rhetoric 16

    The group feared 'undesirable elements of the gay community' (Photo: Henry Lawford)

    10:53 AM — Clapham resident and Pride House ambassador John Amaechi said the idea of the event turning Clapham Common into a "den of iniquity" during the Olympics showed the group who opposed the move were "out of touch".

  • 27th January 2012

    ‘Gay leper’ conference heads to London 76

    The group has said it aims to 'heal' people with gay impulses (Photo: Flickr user stigeredoo)

    10:13 AM — Organisers, who have previously held the conference in Belfast, Northern Ireland, have insisted the title is not meant to cause offence, but its beliefs and aims have been described today as "specious" and "deeply insulting".

  • 19th January 2012

    Pride London’s chair to retire 6

    Paul Birrell has been involved in Pride for 18 years

    9:43 AM — The chair of Pride London, the largest Pride event in the UK, has announced he will stand down from the board after 18 years of involvement in the event. After being registered as a charity in 2004, Pride London appointed Birrell Chair of the Board in 2005.

  • 2nd September 2011

    Rickshaw driver not guilty of raping lesbian

    Murat Durmus was cleared of rape

    11:28 AM — A London rickshaw driver has been cleared of raping a lesbian doctor. Murat Durmus, 23, of Walthamstow, said the pair had consensual sex after he drove her home from a night out on February 5th.

  • 22nd August 2011

    Calls for East London to react to homophobic incidents 353

    Mr Tatchell calls for a simple march, with some music and speeches to show the solidarity of the gay East End

    5:14 PM — In an open letter, Peter Tatchell said tolerating "homophobia for the sake of preserving good community relations and not upsetting certain communities, is totally unacceptable".

  • 19th August 2011

    Teenager found guilty of stabbing gay man in north London 17

    Guelor Moaso was found guilty of the attack

    11:35 AM — An 18-year-old has been found guilty of an unprovoked attack on a gay man in Camden, north London, earlier this year. Guelor Moaso, of Maitland Park Road, Chalk Farm, stabbed 37-year-old David Farrer three times.

  • 6th June 2011

    Gay men verbally abused through PA system by Trafalgar Square busker 305

    The two men were homophobically abused in Trafalgar Square

    12:30 PM — Two gay men were verbally abused by a busker using a PA system in Trafalgar Square last week.

  • 1st June 2011

    London borough tries to reassure critics after homophobic Catholic charity awarded £89,000 contract for counselling in schools 54

    The Catholic Children's Society have been awarded £89,000 to offer counselling in the classrooms of Richmond's schools

    1:01 PM — The south-west London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames, which earlier this year awarded an £89,000 contract to the homophobic Catholic Children’s Society to offer counselling and support to children in the borough’s school, are seeking to reassure critics over the decision.

  • 6th May 2011

    Gay friend of Boy George speaks out after attack 51

    Philip Sallon is recovering (Photo: Christina Lindsay)

    3:41 PM — A gay friend of Boy George has spoken out after he was attacked in central London. Philip Sallon, the socialite and event organiser, was badly injured in the April 2nd attack in Piccadilly.

  • 11th April 2011

    Boy George: ‘Most gay men just want to fit in now’ 351

    Boy George's close friend Philip Sallon was attacked in London (Photo: Ariadne Barroso)

    11:27 AM — Boy George has said that gay men are now less willing to stand out and attract attention. The star was speaking a week after his close friend, the socialite Philip Sallon, was viciously attacked on a night out.

  • 3rd March 2011

    North London man given curfew for harassing gay couple 23

    Dean Orrow was charged in court last week after verbally abusing a gay couple in North London

    2:11 PM — A man who harassed a gay couple in Islington, North London, has been banned from going out after 10pm and given a community service order.

  • 8th December 2010

    Campaign for AIDS memorial in London 18

    London is unusual in that it does not have an AIDS memorial, campaigners say

    3:35 PM — Campaigners are calling for an AIDS memorial to be created in London to remember those who have died from the disease. Unlike Brighton, Manchester and many western capitals, London does not have a permanent memorial despite its high number of AIDS deaths.

  • 29th November 2010

    Wikileaks says US had dossier on gay Tory Alan Duncan 25

    Alan Duncan appeared to have been of special interest to the US

    10:05 AM — US spies drew up a dossier on gay Conservative minister Alan Duncan, leaked documents show. Mr Duncan, now the international development minister, was apparently of special interest to the US and is the only British MP to have been singled out so far.

  • 26th November 2010

    Five arrested in Met raids for anti-gay and transphobic crimes 2

    Police arrested a total of 247 people in connection with hate crimes

    2:45 PM — Five people in London were arrested on suspicion of homophobic and transphobic crimes yesterday as part of a series of dawn raids. A total of 247 people were arrested in connection with hate crimes in yesterday's Met police operation.

  • UK HIV diagnoses remain high among gay men 6

    HIV rates remain high, campaigners say

    10:33 AM — New figures show a slight decline in the number of gay and bisexual men being diagnosed with HIV but campaigners estimate that one in four with the disease are unaware they have it.

  • 25th November 2010

    Met Police arrest 195 people in anti-hate crime raids 5

    Police arrested at least 195 people in London this morning

    4:47 PM — An anti-hate crime operation carried out by the Met Police this morning has resulted in 195 arrests. The majority of arrests were connected to domestic violence, although two were related to homophobic offences.

  • 24th November 2010

    Queer book prize seeks submissions

    The prize is for a first work (Photo: Kate Ter Haar)

    4:04 PM — The Polari First Book Prize is seeking submissions for its third contest. The award is open to any first book which "explores the queer experience" and has been published in the UK within twelve months of the February 1st 2011 closing date.

  • Gay men in London warned over ‘drugged robberies’ 7

    Gay drinkers in Charing Cross were warned to be on their guard

    1:54 PM — Middle-aged gay men who drink in the Charing Cross area of London have been advised to stay on their guard after a spate of drug-assisted robberies. Lambeth Police say there have been a number of incidents in which older men have been approached by a young man in a Charing Cross bar and subsequently robbed.

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