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lithuanian gay league

  • 28th December 2011

    Poll claims only 4% of Lithuanians support same-sex civil unions 18

    Market research company RIAT found markedly lower support for gay civil partnerships than in the past

    12:55 PM — A poll by Lithuanian market research company RIAT claims only 4% of the country supports the introduction of civil partnerships for gay couples. The Baltic News Agency poll says 70% of the population is in favour of some form of legal recognition for relationships outside marriage, but not for gays.

  • 23rd December 2009

    Lithuanian parliament revises ‘gay ban’ law 10

    Lithuania's parliament revised the law

    5:09 PM — Lithuania has revised a controversial law banning the "promotion" of homosexuality. The country's parliament voted 58-4, with 25 abstentions, to amend the law. It prohibited the "public dissemination" of any materials which could be seen to promote homosexuality.

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