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liaison officer

  • 20th December 2011

    Caution follows further homophobic taunts at Brighton football match 10

    Brighton and Hove Albion fans enjoy a good relationship with the gay community

    12:16 PM — A London football fan who shouted homophobic abuse at a Brighton football match has been formally cautioned after discussing the incident in an online forum. The 18-year-old was warned verbally by Sussex Police after he shouted abuse at Brighton and Hove Albion fans following a match on 6 November.

  • 24th November 2010

    Gay men in London warned over ‘drugged robberies’ 7

    Gay drinkers in Charing Cross were warned to be on their guard

    1:54 PM — Middle-aged gay men who drink in the Charing Cross area of London have been advised to stay on their guard after a spate of drug-assisted robberies. Lambeth Police say there have been a number of incidents in which older men have been approached by a young man in a Charing Cross bar and subsequently robbed.

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