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  • 9th July 2012

    US: Latino groups launch push for marriage equality 4

    Latino groups are backing gay rights (Photo: Kevin Wong)

    11:45 PM — Leading US Latino groups are backing a campaign to raise awareness of gay rights and marriage equality. Twenty-one of America's largest Latino groups have signed up to the Familia es Familia campaign, which was launched on Sunday in Las Vegas.

  • 6th April 2012

    Study: Majority of US Latinos accepting of gay people 24

    Younger, second-generation Hispanics seem more accepting of LGBT people than the older, immigrant population

    10:34 PM — A study released yesterday by the Pew Hispanic Center has found that 59 per cent of US Latinos think that society should be accepting of homosexuality, while this figure climbs nine per cent higher with second generation Hispanics.

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