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John Humphrys

  • 27th March 2012

    Comment: Biased BBC skews the debate on LGBT issues 140

    Are the BBC hobbled by their deference to religious groups?

    10:36 AM — The BBC's reporting on marriage equality proposals is more proof the corporation does not take LGBT issues seriously. Stupid questions, a megaphone to fanatics, fawning deference to faith and giving no time to the voices from our communities: it’s time BBC stopped treating its LGBT licence payers with contempt.

  • 17th February 2010

    Pope may be invited on BBC’s Thought for the Day 39

    The Pope may be asked to present Thought for the Day

    5:59 PM — The BBC is in talks with the Pope for him to give the Thought of the Day on Radio 4's Today programme. The Pope is to visit the UK in September and BBC director-general Mark Thompson, a devout Catholic, is understood to have visited the Vatican to discuss BBC coverage of the trip.

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