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Joan Collins

  • 30th January 2013

    Interview: Charlie Hides on becoming a YouTube drag sensation 6

    Charlie Hides as Madonna (Photo: Charlie Hides)

    7:02 PM — Having done shows for Sir Elton John and with 8.2m video views spread across 119 videos on his YouTube channel, Charlie Hides is bringing drag to the digital mainstream. Laurence Watts caught up with him for PinkNews.

  • 21st January 2013

    Michael Winner’s regret at avoiding national service by pretending to be gay 9

    Michael Winner (Photo: Phil Guest)

    4:39 PM — Michael Winner, whose death has been announced today, previously wrote in his autobiography of his regret at avoiding National Service by falsely claiming to be gay.

  • 16th February 2010

    Gay civil partnerships approved for parliament 17

    Civil partnership ceremonies will be held in parliament

    2:57 PM — The Houses of Parliament will be opened for civil partnerships and marriages for both MPs and members of the public. Westminster council has approved two rooms for use for the non-religious ceremonies after Speaker John Bercow began looking into the possibility of holding ceremonies for gay MPs on parliament's grounds last year.

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