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iowa caucuses

  • 6th January 2012

    Video: Rick Santorum booed after anti-gay marriage comments 80

    Santorum was fresh from surprising success in Iowa (Photo: Gage Skidmore)

    2:12 PM — Gay marriage opponent Rick Santorum was booed in New Hampshire yesterday during a heated debate in which an audience member asked how marriage equality would harm him. The state will be holding its candidate primaries on Tuesday.

  • 4th January 2012

    Rupert Murdoch considers Rick Santorum’s “big vision” 38

    "Regardless of policies", Murdoch praised Santorum's "principles, consistency and humility" (Photo: David Shankbone)

    12:50 PM — Rupert Murdoch, Chairman of News Corporation, has spoken out in support of Republican presidential candidacy hopeful and marriage equality opponent Rick Santorum's "big vision" for the US and praised his presentation style "regardless of policies".

  • Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney first by slim margin in Iowa caucuses 49

    Romney is already a favourite to win the New Hampshire primary

    9:57 AM — In a tight vote, Mitt Romney has emerged narrowly ahead of Rick Santorum at the Iowa caucuses, which traditionally predicts a favourite for the Republican Party's presidential candidate. With 30,015 ballots cast in his favour, or 24.6% of the vote overall, the former governor of Massachusetts emerged only eight votes ahead of Santorum, who received 30,007 (24.5%).

  • 3rd January 2012

    Rick Santorum “would invalidate gay marriages” if elected 60

    Santorum said he made decisions based on "reason and faith" (Photo: Gage Skidmore)

    3:02 PM — After a surge to third place in the Republican presidential candidacy polls, Rick Santorum has confirmed that if elected as president of the US, he would support a constitutional amendment invalidating existing gay marriages.

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