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  • 15th March 2012

    Tunisian gay magazine hacked 19

    Gayday magazine's logo was replaced on Facebook

    12:07 PM — Yesterday, homophobic hackers attacked Tunisia’s main LGBT title, Gay Day Magazine, taking over its email, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

  • 8th March 2012

    Gaydar seeks investment for ‘global growth ambitions’ 12

    Gaydar.co.uk is seeking a 'significant cash investment'

    1:33 PM — The parent company for international gay dating site Gaydar.co.uk is seeking a 'significant cash investment' to fund its 'ambition for global growth'.

  • 1st March 2012

    Gay online encyclopaedia debuts 47

    WikiQueer launches today

    2:12 PM — WikiQueer, a gay, bi and trans online encyclopaedia has launched publicly this week.

  • 27th February 2012

    Facebook to fix system which tried to suggest ads for ‘faggots’ 9

    Trying the suggested term 'faggot' led to a number of further slurs

    3:49 PM — Facebook has confirmed to PinkNews.co.uk today it will be introducing a fix on an automated system which suggests advertisers try to use racial and gay slurs, including 'faggot' and 'sissy', to target customers.

  • 13th January 2012

    US group aims for ‘dot gay’ web domain 19

    The group wants .gay to be an "empowering resource" (Photo: Flickr user Adikos)

    10:45 AM — As applications for new top level domains on the web open today, an American group is trying to secure '.gay' for the LGBT community, saying it will make it "an exemplary beacon of social entrepreneurship and an empowering resource".

  • 31st October 2011

    Devon man avoids prison after affair with 14-year-old boy 44

    The affair came to light after the boy ran away from his parents

    11:54 AM — The defendant, aged 20, was said to be naive and not predatory, and must attend a sex offenders' treatment programme.

  • 7th October 2011

    Gay.xxx domain name sells for $500,000 3

    Gay.xxx was bought by a gay porn producer (Photo: Stag Shop)

    11:28 AM — The internet domain name gay.xxx has been sold for half a million dollars. Although the .xxx extension is not yet open for public registration, the gay.xxx address was bought by Corbin Fisher, one of the world’s biggest gay porn producers.

  • 17th August 2011

    Gay rights group sues Missouri school district over website blocks 7

    The ACLU is challenging school districts which block gay websites

    1:53 PM — A school district in Missouri, US, is being sued by a gay rights group for restricting access to informative gay websites. Camdenton R-III School District is being sued by the American Civil Liberties Union, which says that the district has ignored warnings that its actions are unconstitutional.

  • 12th April 2011

    More US schools warned about gay censorship 6

    Some US schools routinely block gay support websites

    4:21 PM — The American Civil Liberties Union has written to more schools to question their filters on LGBT support websites. As part of the group's 'Don't Filter Me' campaign, it has sent letters to schools in Michigan, Texas, Pennsylvania and Virginia, asking them to stop censoring the websites.

  • 11th January 2011

    New Zealand McDonald’s lifts ban on some gay websites 1

    McDonald's said it would lift the ban on some websites

    10:52 AM — McDonald's says it has begun lifting the blocks on some gay websites in its New Zealand restaurants. The fast food giant was criticised by gay website GayNZ.com for blocking non-sexually explicit gay websites on its customer wifi network.

  • 22nd January 2010

    Culture chief receiving hate mail over gay Bible exhibition 25

    The exhibition was attacked by Christians

    6:36 PM — The head of Glasgow’s museums and art has described receiving harassment and hate mail after an exhibition on homosexuality and the Bible.

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