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homosexuality and islam

  • 28th June 2011

    East London Mosque accused of breaking promise on anti-gay speakers 120

    The mosque says it is being singled out

    11:03 AM — Just a few weeks after saying it would no longer host homophobic speakers, the East London Mosque has been accused of breaking its promise. It is to host a conference tomorrow with an organisation called Sex and Relationship Education Islamic but critics claimed that the group includes members of a homophobic extremist group.

  • 27th June 2011

    Poll says Muslims are ‘proud’ of Britain’s gay rights 123

    Just under half of the British Muslims asked said they are proud of how the country treats gay people

    3:08 PM — A poll of British Muslims suggests that almost half say they are proud of the country's stance on gay rights. According to the research by think-tank Demos, 47 per cent of Muslims agreed with the statement: "I am proud of how Britain treats gay people."

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