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  • 20th September 2013

    Grindr to fight against Turkish court ban 1

    Grindr CEO: 'Oppression starts with the strangling of free speech... today it's done by cutting off people’s access to technology'

    6:57 PM — Popular gay dating app Grindr, which was banned by a Turkish court last week, is set to fight against the ban and get back online. The company has announced that it is working with Kaos GL, a Turkish gay-rights organisation, and campaigning group All Out to launch a petition to force the Turkish government to rescind the ban.

  • 10th April 2013

    Video: Israeli gay couple in YouTube plea for help to start a family 4

    The couple hope to have a child through an American surrogate after several failed attempts elsewhere

    4:15 PM — A gay couple in Israel have started a campaign, asking for help to start a family after spending their entire savings on several failed surrogacy and adoption attempts, as Israel forbids surrogacy for gay couples.

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