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gordon fox

  • 15th January 2013

    Rhode Island State House prepares for equal marraige vote 2

    Rhode Island could be the next US state to legalise equal marriage

    7:16 PM — The diminutive American state of Rhode Island is set to stage a debate on whether to legalise equal marriage for same-sex couples, with a vote to be held by the House of Representatives later this month.

  • 2nd June 2011

    Rhode Island senate to consider gay civil unions bill 7

    Rhode Island may be next to allow civil unions

    3:10 PM — A Rhode Island Senate panel are today considering a bill that would allow gay and lesbian couples to be joined in civil unions.

  • 20th May 2011

    Rhode Island House approves civil unions 17

    Rhode Island is expected to approve civil unions

    11:22 AM — The Rhode Island House approved a civil unions bill yesterday. The measure will now go to the Senate, where it is expected to receive broad support. However, some gay rights activists are furious that a gay marriage bill was scrapped in favour of what they see as watered-down legislation.

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