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gay rights legislation

  • 18th May 2012

    New York mural compares gay rights in Israel to its neighbours 83

    The mural has been described as 'decisive' by some and 'truthful' by others

    11:23 PM — A mural in New York's West Village has provoked controversy by depicting gay rights in Israel and comparing it to the status of LGBT people in the countries that neighbour and surround it.

  • 7th May 2012

    South Africa: House of Chiefs oppose gay rights 57

    House of Chiefs provides a cultural point-of-view on matters legislative or advisory (Photo: Flickr)

    12:19 PM — The House of Chiefs in South Africa, also known as the National House of Traditional Leaders, have asked for the parliament to delete a clause in the constitution that guarantees equal rights for gay and trans people, a local news publication reports.

  • 18th January 2010

    Lib Dems attack Tory voting record on gay rights 38

    The Lib Dems attacked the Tory voting record

    1:20 PM — The Liberal Democrat party has attacked the "shameful" Tory record on voting for gay rights issues. According to research by the party, a quarter of David Cameron's shadow cabinet has voted against gay rights legislation.

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