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gay marriage in new york

  • 27th June 2011

    New Jersey governor says he won’t sign gay marriage bill 67

    The governor of New Jersey said he would not back gay marriage

    10:45 AM — The governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, has said he won't follow New York in legalising gay marriage. Mr Christie, a Republican, said he was "not a fan" of allowing gay couples to marry and would be pursuing civil unions instead.

  • 25th June 2011

    New York state approves gay marriage law 113

    New York legalised gay marriage

    9:13 AM — Late on Friday evening, New York became the sixth US state to legalise gay marriage. After days of negotiation over protections for religious groups, senators voted 33-29 to pass the bill.

  • 21st June 2011

    New York gay marriage vote delayed 67

    The vote on gay mariage has been delayed

    10:35 AM — New York's Republican-controlled Senate delayed a crucial vote on gay marriage last night, citing concerns over exemptions for religious groups. Last week, the Assembly passed the bill by 80-63 votes.

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