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gay and lesbian parents

  • 25th December 2013

    Israel: Tax credits bill for male same-sex couples passes preliminary reading 3

    3:26 PM — A bill designed to give male same-sex couples with children the same tax benefits as heterosexual parents has passed its preliminary reading in the Israeli legislature, the Knesset. The bill, which was introduced by Finance Minister Yair Lapid and sponsored by Yesh Atid member MK Adi Kol, passed comfortably with 40 votes in favour against […]

  • 15th March 2013

    Dutch lesbian foster couple go into hiding with son after Turkish protests 11

    Last month, Turkish authorities began procedures to remove Turkish children from foreign gay foster parents

    6:45 PM — A Dutch lesbian couple has gone into hiding with their foster son after the boy's biological parents went on television in Turkey and said that they consider the pair morally unfit to take care of their child.

  • 2nd January 2013

    Lesbian couple celebrate with France’s first baby of 2013 3

    The couple is said to be hopeful the French Parliament would soon pass a law allowing equal marriage

    4:23 PM — The first baby in France to be born in 2013 was by a lesbian couple, although current inequality means only one of the parents has formal legal recognition.

  • 5th November 2012

    Video: UK same-sex parenting campaign film launched 11

    10:28 AM — A new film, highlighting the discrimination faced by same-sex parents, has been launched to coincide with the UK’s National Adoption Week.

  • 20th January 2012

    Virginia gay adoption battle kicks off 1

    The General Assembly will decide on legislation stopping discrimination based on sexual orientation

    5:35 PM — At the General Assembly in Richmond, Virginia, a battle is heating up over whether adoption agencies should be allowed to discriminate against prospective parents based on their sexual orientation.

  • 3rd October 2011

    UK passport forms to accommodate gay parents 31

    Gay parents currently have to be 'mother' or 'father'

    10:13 AM — From December, gay parents applying for passports for their children will not have to list themselves as 'mother' and 'father'. The Identity and Passport Service said the amendments would be made to accommodate gay and lesbian parents applying for passports on behalf of the children.

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