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Football Association

2 The FA has been slammed over its failure to take action

3:48 PM — The head of the Gay Football Supporters Network has hit out at the FA - for deciding not to take any action over a string of racist, sexist and homophobic texts allegedly sent by football bosses.

  • FA won’t punish football boss over ‘racist and homophobic’ texts 7

    Malky Mackay will face no action (Photo by Christopher Lee/Getty Images)

    1:25 PM — The Football Association will take no action against former Cardiff City boss Malky Mackay, after allegations he was involved in a chain of racist, homophobic text messages.

  • 9th June 2015

    Fulham midfielder charged for misconduct by FA for ‘sausage boy’ tweet 11

    Ryan Tunnicliffe was charged by the FA for the tweet

    5:21 PM — A Fulham midfielder has been charged by the Football Association (FA) after he sent a tweet calling another player a "sausage boy".

  • 19th October 2014

    Former Cardiff City boss ‘to escape punishment’ over homophobic texts 13

    Malky Mackay is expected to escape punishment (Photo: Premier League)

    1:53 PM — Former Cardiff City manager Malky Mackay is likely to escape punishment from the Football Association over a string of homophobic texts, according to reports.

  • 23rd September 2014

    Adviser sacked over FA scandal remarks gains support of equality campaigners 1

    Edward Lord was sacked by the FA

    6:02 PM — A former adviser to the Football Association (FA), who was sacked over remarks he made during a sexism scandal, has been praised in a letter by almost thirty equality campaigners.

  • 17th August 2014

    Lib Dem minister: We need zero tolerance for homophobia in football 7

    Communities Minsiter Stephen Williams has called for the FA to crack down on homophobia

    2:08 PM — Liberal Democrat minister Stephen Williams has called for a zero tolerance approach to homophobia in football.

  • 7th May 2014

    Graeme Le Saux: A gay footballer would not suffer the same abuse as Justin Fashanu 6

    Graeme Le Saux: 'We are in a totally different environment' (Photo: FA)

    2:49 PM — Former England defender Graeme Le Saux tells PinkNews it’s wrong to assume an openly gay premiership footballer would face the same amount of homophobic abuse as Justin Fashanu.

  • 3rd March 2014

    Video: Children join in with chants of ‘do you take it up the arse, faggots’, at football matches 44

    The video shows shocking chants with which children join in

    1:46 PM — Despite promises for a "robust prosecution policy" for dealing with homophobic football fans, a new investigation reveals frightening footage which includes small children joining in with chants of the word "faggot".

  • 13th February 2014

    FA: We are making progress in tackling homophobia 4

    The FA is defending its record

    1:05 PM — The Football Association says it’s making significant progress in tackling homophobia.

  • 9th January 2014

    NBA star John Amaechi: Football will always be ‘toxic’ towards gay players with Sepp Blatter in charge 5

    FIFA President Sepp Blatter (Photo: Wiki, Sputniktilt)

    1:35 PM — FIFA President Sepp Blatter is presiding over a 'toxic' atmosphere in football when it comes to gay players, says retired basketball star John Amaechi.

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