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Film Reviews

  • 1st November 2011

    Liverpool’s gay arts festival Homotopia begins today

    Homotopia has won funding for another two years

    9:23 AM — The eighth annual celebration of gay art features a mixture of performance art, lectures, dance and exhibitions around the city throughout November.

  • 26th October 2011

    Liverpool’s gay art festival Homotopia celebrates eighth year 3

    Homotopia celebrates its eighth year

    1:24 PM — Liverpool's gay arts festival Homotopia kicks off next week with the theme of 'Cruising For Art'. The festival will showcase an "array of the queer, the extravagant, the bold, the unexpected and the daring" with theatre, dance, film, cabaret and discussions.

  • 21st October 2011

    Interview: Steven Russell on infamy, escaping prison and Phillip Morris 27

    Steven Russell pictured in 1997 (Photo: George Hixson)

    4:58 PM — Steven Russell was originally imprisoned for fraud. Four successful, non-violent, love-fuelled prison-escapes later and he has achieved infamy. His life is immortalised in the film 'I Love You Phillip Morris', in which he is portrayed by Jim Carrey. He is currently serving a 144-year sentence in a Texas Department of Criminal Justice facility. Laurence Watts interviewed him by exchange of letters.

  • 20th October 2011

    GQ Australia responds to accusations of homophobia 10

    Dustin Lance Black said the magazine was anti-gay (Photo: Greg Hernandez)

    12:50 PM — The Australian edition of GQ magazine has responded to Dustin Lance Black's accusations of homophobia. Last week, the openly gay film director said the publication was guilty of outdated “lies, myths and stereotypes” about gay people.

  • 21st September 2011

    CCTV shows vicious anti-gay attack in central London 109

    Police are appealing for information

    4:48 PM — Police have released CCTV footage of a vicious homophobic attack on two men in Charing Cross, London. The film shows the victims, aged 22 and 25, walking in the direction of Tottenham Court Road at around 1.30am on August 9th.

  • 9th September 2011

    London charity for older LGBT people seeks volunteers 33

    The charity serves older LGBT people

    2:09 PM — Opening Doors London, the charity for older LGBT people, is seeking donations and volunteers. The service, run by Age UK, offers information, help, 'befrienders' and social activities for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people over the age of 50.

  • 8th September 2011

    Video: US Department of Interior posts ‘It Gets Better’ clip 3

    US Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar appears in a film which also contains federal employees from the National Parks Service and the US Geological Survey among others

    9:21 AM — The US Department of the Interior has become the latest US government department to make an 'It Gets Better' film to give support to LGBT teenagers.

  • 7th September 2011

    Video: ‘Rory’s story’ shows inequalities of civil partnerships in Ireland 16

    The video says civil partnerships are not enough (Photo: ILGA-Europe)

    1:26 PM — A short video clip about a boy and his two mothers shows the consequences of 'discriminatory' civil partnerships in Ireland. Made by Marriage Equality Ireland, the clip, titled 'Rory's Story', shows the family as happy and accepted until the day the law classes them as strangers.

  • 10th June 2011

    Watch: Viral video shows the impact of homophobia 36

    Paul O'Grady as an abused pensioner

    4:12 PM — A viral video by charity Albert Kennedy Trust (AKT) is raising awareness of the devastating impact homophobia can have. The film shows gay celebrities as people facing abuse, harassment, drug addiction and homelessness because of their sexual orientation.

  • 30th March 2011

    Commercial success for Malaysia’s first gay film 11

    Malaysia has laws on public morality

    3:26 PM — Malaysia's first gay-themed film has found success at the country''s box office. Dalam Botol, or In A Bottle, made just over one million ringgit (£205,000) in five days, its producer told AP.

  • 11th February 2011

    Scott Mills: ‘Gay hatred is everywhere in Uganda’ 68

    Scott Mills travels to Uganda to find out about attitudes to homosexuality

    11:29 AM — The situation for gay people in Uganda was far worse than he expected, Scott Mills says. Speaking to PinkNews.co.uk about an upcoming documentary, the gay Radio 1 presenter told how he feared for his own safety in the country.

  • 10th February 2011

    Mickey Rourke to watch Gareth Thomas match 13

    Mickey Rourke hopes to make a film about Gareth Thomas

    2:33 PM — Mickey Rourke is set to watch gay rugby star Gareth Thomas play in Wales this weekend as preparation for a film about the player's life.

  • 24th January 2011

    ‘God hates fags’ church furious at film about anti-gay murderer 48

    The church at an earlier protest

    5:49 PM — The anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church picketed the Sundance Film Festival yesterday over a film about a homophobic preacher who begins murdering people he thinks are gay.

  • 21st January 2011

    Dilemma director Ron Howard on why he kept ‘gay’ joke 26

    Vince Vaughn in The Dilemma

    2:06 PM — Ron Howard, the director of The Dilemma, has explained why he kept a controversial gay joke in the film. The film's trailer was cut when gay groups and public figures complained about the inclusion of the joke.

  • 18th January 2011

    Updated: Iranian men to be stoned to death over gay sex 55

    Sources say the young men face death by stoning

    5:26 PM — Two young men who filmed themselves having sex have been sentenced to death by stoning in Iran. The film was discovered on the mobile phones of Ayub and Mosleh, 20 and 21 years old, by agents of the Iranian regime in the Kurdistan city of Piranshahr in northwest Iran.

  • 14th January 2011

    Jane Lynch says gay actors will never get the straight leading roles 49

    Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester in Glee

    2:42 PM — Glee star Jane Lynch says that while she does not think Hollywood is homophobic, gay actors will never get to play straight leads. The lesbian actress, who married her partner in 2010, told AfterElton.com that mainly straight audiences want to pin their "hopes and dreams" on straight actors.

  • 6th January 2011

    James Franco: ‘Maybe I’m just gay’ 17

    James Franco said he had lots of reasons to play gay characters (Photo: David Shankbone)

    4:18 PM — James Franco has a history of taking on gay film roles, which has inevitably stoked curiosity about his sexuality. He told the Advocate last year that he was straight, but was more nuanced in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly.

  • 30th December 2010

    Rupert Everett: Hollywood homophobia denies gays leading roles 18

    Rupert Everett says his career has been harmed by coming out of the closet

    1:37 PM — Rupert Everett, the openly gay star of 'My Best Friend's Wedding' has once again hit out at Hollywood, claiming that the lack of roles for gay actors is caused by homophobia.

  • 27th December 2010

    Mickey Rourke: Rugby star Gareth Thomas had great courage to come out as gay 14

    Mickey Rourke received an Oscar nomination for his role in the Wrestler

    10:21 PM — Hollywood actor Mickey Rourke has been speaking about his quest to play openly gay rugby star Gareth Thomas on the silver screen.

  • Hollywood star Richard Chamberlain urges leading men not to come out 19

    Richard Chamberlain played Dr Kildare

    9:32 PM — Richard Chamberlain, who shot to fame as 'Dr Kildare' and later starred in several US TV hits including 'The Thorn Birds' and 'Shogun' and currently playing an HIV-positive gay man in the drama 'Brother & Sisters' had warned fellow gay actors not to come out unless they want it to harm their careers.

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