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fair education act

  • 17th July 2012

    California: Anti-gay groups fail to win vote on Fair Education Act 8

    The ballot attempt failed (Photo: Seth Sawyers)

    11:12 PM — A coalition of anti-gay groups has failed to secure enough support for a referendum on California's Fair Education Act. Anti-gay campaigners announced yesterday that they did not collect enough signatures for a vote on the pro-LGBT law in November.

  • 18th July 2011

    ‘Family’ group wants referendum on California gay education 51

    Schools will have to teach pupils about gay history

    10:39 AM — A California 'family' group is seeking a voter referendum on a new state law requiring schools to teach pupils about gay history. The Capitol Resource Institute, a socially conservative group, has long campaigned against the legislation, which was signed into law last week.

  • 15th July 2011

    California governor signs bill for gay history in schools 37

    Jerry Brown signed the bill into law on Wednesday

    10:16 AM — California governor Jerry Brown has signed into law a bill requiring all schools to teach about the contributions of LGBT people through history. The move makes the state the first in the US to ensure that all children learn about figures such as San Francisco gay rights campaigner Harvey Milk.

  • 6th July 2011

    California Assembly passes gay education bill 17

    Schools would be require to teach about gay rights figures like Harvey Milk (right)

    3:31 PM — A bill requiring schools in California to teach pupils about LGBT history has been passed by the Assembly. It has already been approved by the Senate and now goes to state governor Jerry Brown, who has not said whether he will sign it.

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