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Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

  • 13th August 2012

    Homophobic slur made on gay-friendly Midwestern church 5

    The Lutheran Church welcomed Pastor Hill in 2009

    1:24 PM — A homophobic slur appeared in a vandalised car parked outside a church in St Paul, Minnesota, where a service was taking place for an openly gay Lutheran pastor.

  • 24th June 2010

    Midwestern magazine ‘outs’ Lutheran pastor 14

    ELCA came out in favour of gay relationships last year

    12:15 PM — Lavender magazine, a gay publication based in Minneapolis-St Paul, has sent shock waves through the American gay press. Their latest cover story was written by an undercover reporter and details Pastor Tom Brock's struggles with his sexuality as told to an anonymous Catholic-run support group which claims to help gay men who are "struggling with chastity".

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