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  • 28th December 2011

    Poll claims only 4% of Lithuanians support same-sex civil unions 18

    Market research company RIAT found markedly lower support for gay civil partnerships than in the past

    12:55 PM — A poll by Lithuanian market research company RIAT claims only 4% of the country supports the introduction of civil partnerships for gay couples. The Baltic News Agency poll says 70% of the population is in favour of some form of legal recognition for relationships outside marriage, but not for gays.

  • 22nd November 2011

    Outcry forces Pakistan to hold back on ‘obscene’ text message blocks 10

    The Pakistani authority wanted 1,600 words blocked from text messages

    1:21 PM — The country's telecommunications authority had reportedly told mobile phone providers to start blocking words, including "gay", "lesbian" and "homosexual" from text messages sent between private users.

  • 3rd October 2011

    ‘Serial killer’ may be targeting gay men in Johannesburg 8

    The killings were reported in Johannesburgm South Africa

    3:18 PM — There are fears that a serial killer may be targeting gay men in Johannesburg, South Africa. Four gay men have been discovered bound and strangled in their homes in the last ten months.

  • 15th September 2011

    Edinburgh police investigate gay sauna death 4

    Police are appealing for information

    10:30 AM — Police in Edinburgh are investigating after a man died suddenly during a visit to the city's most popular gay sauna. The man, in his sixties, was visiting the Number 18 sauna on Leith Walk and was rushed to hospital after being given CPR.

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