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David Attenborough

  • 8th February 2013

    David Attenborough accused of excluding homosexuality from animal documentaries 42

    David Attenborough's programs were accused of excluding interpretations allowing for gay animals (Image: Tumblr)

    12:51 PM — Sir David Attenborough has been accused by a university academic of restricting his programmes to representing only a "single interpretation" of the sexual behaviour of animals, excluding the possibility of homosexuality.

  • 27th March 2012

    Comment: Biased BBC skews the debate on LGBT issues 140

    Are the BBC hobbled by their deference to religious groups?

    10:36 AM — The BBC's reporting on marriage equality proposals is more proof the corporation does not take LGBT issues seriously. Stupid questions, a megaphone to fanatics, fawning deference to faith and giving no time to the voices from our communities: it’s time BBC stopped treating its LGBT licence payers with contempt.

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