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  • 9th September 2011

    Police figures show rise in recorded anti-gay and transphobic crimes 86

    Overall, recorded hate crimes fell - but anti-gay and anti-trans offences rose

    3:52 PM — Recorded hate crime in England, Wales and Northern Ireland fell by seven per cent last year - but crimes based on sexual orientation, transgender status and disability rose.

  • 2nd February 2011

    Police launch new hate crime website 8

    Police say hate crime is under-reported

    11:40 AM — A new website to encourage people to report hate crime has been launched. True Vision gives information on what hate crime is and how to report it.

  • 30th November 2010

    Reported hate crime rises by 12.5 per cent 11

    Police say the figures show an increase in incidents

    2:51 PM — There were 50,000 reported hate crimes across England, Wales and Northern Ireland last year, new figures show. The vast majority concerned racism but almost 5,000 were motivated by homophobia and more than 300 related to transphobia.

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