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carnal intercourse

  • 23rd December 2011

    Malaysia urged to repeal anti-gay law and abandon politician’s trial 22

    Human Rights Watch says the law is being used to "slander" Anwar Ibrahim

    10:29 AM — The Malaysian government has been urged to revoke its laws criminalising homosexuality and abandon the criminal trial of its former deputy Prime Minister, which is believed to be nearing a verdict.

  • 21st January 2010

    Video: India awaits final ruling on gay sex 4

    India's capital overturned the gay sex ban last year

    4:25 PM — The Indian Supreme Court is expected to give a final ruling on repealing the ban on gay sex next month. A news report has suggested that along with legislative change, attitudes to homosexuality in the capital are slowly becoming more positive, with gay Bollywood storylines and even a gay pride shop.

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