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  • 2nd April 2014

    US: Post Office unveils stamp for murdered gay rights hero Harvey Milk 4

    The stamp is set to be released on May 22

    9:34 PM — The US Post Office has unveiled a stamp to memorialise assassinated gay politician Harvey Milk.

  • 27th February 2012

    Elton John praises ‘Jesus-like’ Peter Tatchell’s reaction to attacks 38

    Peter Tatchell has been attacked frequently while campaigning for equal rights

    11:23 AM — In an interview for next month's Attitude magazine, Elton John says human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell has behaved "like Jesus Christ" in the face of anti-gay attacks and entrenched homophobia, "never reacting with hate".

  • 13th January 2012

    Gay candidate success at Reading council election 16

    Tim Harris ran in the group leadership election unopposed

    2:33 PM — A gay candidate has been elected as the leader of the Conservatives on Reading Council, it was announced this week. Tim Harris, a 41 year old software salesman, praised the "awesome energy, knowledge and innovation" within the group.

  • 10th October 2011

    Two gay Republican contenders in San Diego mayoral race 14

    Bonnie Dumanis is one of two out gay candidates

    4:16 PM — Two of the contenders in San Diego's mayoral race are openly gay Republicans. District attorney Bonnie Dumanis, 59, and city councilman Carl DeMaio, 36, are open about their sexual orientation but the fact has barely featured in the race.

  • 11th January 2010

    Report calls for more encouragement of gay would-be MPs 5

    The report called for more encouragement of gay candidates

    12:40 PM — A report from the Speaker's Conference has recommended a number of measures to encourage more gay people to stand as MPs. The suggestions include allowing gay MPs to have civil partnerships in Westminister and drawing up a code of conduct for campaigning.

  • 17th December 2009

    Gay activist killed in Honduras 12

    Walter Trochez was a well-known campaigner in Honduras

    11:32 AM — A gay rights activist has been killed in Honduras in a drive-by shooting. Walter Trochez, 25, was well-known for campaigning for equality in the country and had reportedly been harassed and beaten recently.

  • 14th December 2009

    Annise Parker elected first out gay mayor of Houston 1

    Annise Parker is the mayor-elect of Houston

    11:19 AM — Annise Parker, an out lesbian, has been elected mayor of Houston, Texas. The vote makes the city the largest in the US to elect an openly gay mayor. Parker won against city attorney Gene Locke by 53.6 per cent of the vote.

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