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  • 15th April 2014

    US: Man jailed for 30 months for beating disabled brother to ‘push the gay out of him’ 10

    Lawrence Featheroff was jailed for 30 months

    9:16 PM — An Ohio man has been sentenced to two and a half years in jail, after he tried to 'push the gay out of' his disabled brother by beating him.

  • 11th January 2012

    Oxford City dismisses player for Gareth Thomas tweet 57

    Lee Steele was "released" after his tweet about Gareth Thomas (pictured)

    2:01 PM — Oxford City FC said today it had released Lee Steele from his obligations to the club after the player posted a comment on Twitter which was "seriously contrary to the ethos of the club".

  • 9th January 2012

    Oxford City player misses match after Gareth Thomas tweet 67

    Steele reportedly said he would not want the bed next to Gareth Thomas (pictured)

    12:29 PM — Lee Steele holds the record for the fastest-ever goal by a Leighton Orient player, managing to score in 12 seconds while playing for the club in 2004, but waited until the following day to delete his tweet about the gay rugby star.

  • 6th January 2012

    Gareth Thomas joins mixed line-up in Celebrity Big Brother 30

    Gareth Thomas retired from professional rugby in October 2011

    12:05 PM — The rugby star joined contestants of varying levels of fame for the new series of Celebrity Big Brother, but was not the only housemate MC Romeo Dunn thought was gay.

  • 10th February 2011

    New reality TV show on Soho lesbian bar 9

    Candy Bar will be the subject of a reality TV series

    1:38 PM — Lesbian club Candy Bar is to be the subject of a new Channel 5 fly-on-the-wall TV show. The six-part series will follow the lives of the Soho bar's staff as well as featuring gay club boss Gary Henshaw.

  • 5th February 2010

    Anne Hathaway left Catholicism after brother came out 28

    Anne Hathway said she would not support Catholicism

    5:59 PM — Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway has revealed her family became Episcopalians after her brother came out. She said: "Why should I support an organisation that has a limited view of my beloved brother?"

  • 24th January 2010

    Film Review: Brothers 4

    Jake Gyllenhaal stars in Brothers

    12:12 AM — Brokeback Mountain star Jake Gyllenhaal appears in Brothers, the latest in a line of recent war movies that attempt to look into the psyche of soldiers as well as the effect that their absence, experiences and changed personas have on their families. However, the difference here is that this is just one facet of an incredibly complex film that deals with a multitude of themes.

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