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  • 8th September 2011

    Man convicted of sending death threats to Stonewall head Ben Summerskill 11

    Ben Summerskill was the target of a death threat

    10:12 AM — A man has reportedly been given a suspended prison sentence for sending death threats to Stonewall chief executive Ben Summerskill. Anthony Ryan threatened to "put a bullet in the head of Dame Summerskill" after Stonewall supported a gay couple who were turned away from a bed and breakfast.

  • 2nd February 2011

    Former Tory Lord Chancellor says Christians must have the right to bar gays 75

    Lord Mackay argued that Christians should be free to bar gay couples

    4:52 PM — Lord Mackay of Clashfern has argued that Christians must be free to act on their consciences when it comes to gay rights. The former Lord Chancellor under Margaret Thatcher and John Mayor said insisting that Christians abide by equality laws - such as in the case of hotel owners - was "Orwellian".

  • 20th January 2011

    Man jailed for sexually assaulting lesbian 13

    Darren Hogan was jailed for two years

    3:54 PM — A Cardiff man has been jailed for two years for climbing into bed next to a sleeping woman and sexually assaulting her. Darren Hogan, 25, said he was unaware that the woman was a lesbian and Cardiff crown court heard that his unwanted attention had been particularly distressing for her.

  • 17th January 2011

    Ruling expected on gay hotel ban 22

    A judge will rule on the case tomorrow

    5:09 PM — A judge is expected to rule tomorrow (Tuesday) on whether a hotel can lawfully bar gay couples. Peter and Hazelmary Bull, who own the Chymorvah Private Hotel in Cornwall, are being sued for discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation by a gay couple.

  • 28th December 2010

    Sir Elton John and David Furnish celebrate birth of surrogate son 39

    Sir Elton John are celebrating the birth of Zachary

    10:04 AM — Sir Elton John and his civil partner David Furnish are celebrating the birth of their first child, born to a surrogate on Christmas Day. Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John, was born in the United States.

  • 8th December 2010

    Hotel owners sued after banning gay couple from sharing a room 136

    The hotel's owners said they barred all unmarried couples from sharing rooms

    11:04 AM — The Christian owners of a seaside hotel are being sued by a gay couple they refused a double room to. Peter and Hazelmary Bull, who own the Chymorvah Private Hotel in Cornwall, refused to let civil partners Martin Hall and Steven Preddy stay in a room with a double bed in 2008.

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