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Barack Obama

  • 4th October 2011

    Obama ‘still working’ on gay marriage views 95

    Barack Obama is 'still working' on his views on gay marriage

    10:06 AM — US President Barack Obama says he is "still working" on his personal view of gay marriage. A year ago, he said his views on the issue were "evolving".

  • 26th September 2011

    Video: Lady Gaga’s tribute to young fan who killed himself 40

    Jamey Rodemeyer was a fan of Lady Gaga

    4:10 PM — Lady Gaga dedicated a performance at the weekend to a 14-year-old fan who killed himself after suffering homophobic bullying. Jamey Rodemeyer, of Buffalo, New York, was buried yesterday.

  • 22nd September 2011

    Lady Gaga says she will meet Barack Obama over anti-gay bullying 37

    Lady Gaga said she would meet the president

    9:46 AM — Lady Gaga says she plans to meet President Obama to discuss homophobic bullying after one of her young fans killed himself. Jamey Rodemeyer, 14, from Buffalo, New York, killed himself om Sunday after posting an online tribute to the singer.

  • 21st September 2011

    Obama’s UN speech: We must stand up for gay rights everywhere 60

    President Obama urged countries to back gay rights

    5:57 PM — Addressing a meeting of the United Nations General Assembly today, US president Barack Obama urged countries to stand up for gay rights. The president, who was discussing the Palestine statehood bid, said: "No country should deny people their rights because of who they love, which is why we must stand up for the rights of gays and lesbians everywhere."

  • 20th September 2011

    Video: US airman comes out to his father live on YouTube 48

    The airman who uses the username AreYouSurprised broadcast the video on YouTube

    11:02 PM — On the day that President Obama finally ended the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' ban on openly gay people serving in the US military, a young airman came out to his father via the telephone and broadcast a webcam recording of the event on YouTube.

  • 10th August 2011

    Gay Republican presidential candidate wants to inspire young people 14

    Fred Karger is running for president in 2012

    4:05 PM — Fred Karger, the gay Republican presidential candidate, says he wants to "send a message" to LGBT young people. Speaking to the Los Angeles Times, Karger, a former political advisor, described how he felt too ashamed to come out for years.

  • 25th July 2011

    Obama signs certification to end military gay ban 33

    President Obama has signed a certification to end the law

    10:40 AM — On Friday, President Obama and two military leaders signed a certification declaring that lifting the ban on openly gay troops will not harm the military. This means that the ban. known as Don't Ask, Don't Tell, will officially end in mid-September, allowing gay and lesbian troops to finally be open about their sexual orientation.

  • 19th July 2011

    Obama ‘proud to support’ the repeal of gay marriage ban 30

    President Obama is said to be "proud" to support the end of the federal ban of gay marriage

    11:44 PM — The White House has revealed that president Barack Obama is "proud to support" the Respect for Marriage Act, which aims to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act [sic], the federal ban on same sex marriage.

  • 15th July 2011

    Obama administration asks court to keep military gay ban for now 59

    The ban on out gay troops is set to be repealed this year

    3:30 PM — The Obama administration has asked an appeals court to reconsider a verdict ruling that the ban on openly gay troops should end immediately. Last week, the Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals ordered the Pentagon to cease enforcing the ban.

  • 14th July 2011

    Larry King joins NOH8 campaign for gay marriage 11

    Larry King poses for NOH8

    1:39 PM — Former CNN host Larry King has posed for a NOH8 photograph to raise awareness for marriage equality. He also filmed a soon to be released advertisement calling on president Barack Obama to support the calls for gay marriage.

  • 30th June 2011

    Obama still won’t endorse gay marriage 38

    President Obama said his views are 'evolving'

    9:49 AM — President Obama has said that New York's move to legalise gay marriage is a "good thing" but still won't endorse the right of gay couples to wed. Yesterday, he held a news conference and a reception for gay rights campaigners. At both events, he refused to give his personal view on the issue.

  • 24th June 2011

    Barack Obama supports ‘equal rights’ but stops short of backing gay marriage 88

    President Obama spoke carefully at an LGBT fundraiser last night

    11:25 AM — Addressing LGBT Democrat supporters at a New York fundraiser last night, Barack Obama spoke carefully, aware of the current gay marriage debate in the state Senate.

  • 23rd June 2011

    Obama holds New York gala fundraiser for gay supporters 19

    President Obama is hosting a fundraiser for gay supporters tonight

    11:07 AM — President Obama is to hold a fundraiser for gay supporters in New York tonight - as the state Senate is expected to vote on a gay marriage bill. The gala was booked far ahead of the vote, making the timing a coincidence, albeit a happy one for gay rights campaigners.

  • 17th June 2011

    Hillary Clinton: UN resolution on LGBT people is a ‘historic moment’ 97

    Hillary Clinton welcomed the vote

    11:25 PM — US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has hailed the passing of a UN resolution calling for the recognition of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans) people as a "historic moment."

  • 7th June 2011

    Natalie Portman joins gay marriage equality campaign 7

    Natalie Portman has joined the Freedom to Marry campaign (photo: Josh Jensen).

    12:20 PM — Natalie Portman and her fiancé, Benjamin Millepied, have joined Freedom to Marry’s "I Do" campaign, which was launched in March and urges President Barack Obama to support full gay marriage equality.

  • 3rd June 2011

    White House launches LGBT website 61

    The White House has launched their first LGBT website

    3:03 PM — The White House has launched a website aimed specifically at LGBT people and highlighting President Obama’s ongoing support of and commitment to the LGBT community.

  • 1st June 2011

    Harvey Milk’s nephew to kick off this weekend’s Pittsburgh gay pride rally

    In 2008, Sean Penn starred as Harvey Milk in a Hollywood biopic

    2:29 PM — Stuart Milk, nephew of Harvey Milk, will speak on Friday at the Pride Advocacy Rally which kicks off this year's Pittsburgh Pride festival in Pennsylvania.

  • 27th May 2011

    Human Rights Campaign backs Obama for re-election 11

    President Obama has won the backing of Human Rights Campaign

    2:36 PM — America's largest gay rights organisation, Human Rights Campaign, is backing President Barack Obama for re-election in 2012. HRC leader Joe Solmonese said that Obama was the only clear choice for the LGBT vote next year.

  • 26th May 2011

    Three men arrested for gay hate attack in Minnesota 49

    Matthew Thomas, Chad Hands and Ryan Frane. (Photo: Stearns County Jail)

    11:18 PM — Police in St Cloud, Minnesota have arrested three men accused of severely beating a gay man because of his sexuality. The three men, named as Matthew Warren Thomas, 24; Chad Vincent Hands, 21 and Ryan Andrew Frane, 23, were arrested and transported to a county prison.

  • 25th May 2011

    White House condemns Minnesota’s proposed gay marriage ban 22

    President Obama said last year his views on gay marriage were "evolving"

    10:14 AM — The White House has issued a statement condemning proposals to ban gay marriage in Minnesota, although it stops short of backing marriage equality. The statement did not explicitly mention the move but called such efforts "divisive" and "discriminatory".

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