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australian marriage equality

  • 4th March 2011

    Poland to speed ahead of Australia on same-sex marriage equality 17

    The Polish government may provide same-sex couples with the required documentation to marry abroad

    10:28 AM — There are signs that Poland, which currently has a ban on same-sex marriage and a poor recent track record on LGBT rights, may finally be on the first step to marriage equality by providing gay men and lesbians with the documentation required to marry overseas.

  • 22nd October 2010

    Australian poll calls for conscience vote on gay marriage 9

    79 per cent supported a conscience vote on gay marriage

    5:35 PM — An Australian opinion poll shows increased support for gay marriage and for prime minister Julia Gillard to allow a conscience vote on the issue.

  • 24th June 2010

    New Australian PM Julia Gillard is no fan of same-sex marriage 30

    Julia Gillard is Australia's first female PM

    4:26 PM — Julia Gillard took over today as Australia's first female prime minister after Kevin Rudd's withdrawal from the leadership of the Australian Labor [sic] party. Ms Gillard, who will be officially sworn in next week, has been described as a committed and savvy politician by pundits, but, apparently, is no fan of gay marriage.

  • 25th February 2010

    Australian Senate rejects gay marriage bill 13

    The Senate rejected the bill

    2:57 PM — The Australian Senate today rejected a bill to give equal marriage rights to gay citizens. The bill was introduced by the Greens but was defeated 45-5, just days before the world's biggest gay celebration, Sydney Mardi Gras.

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