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  • 27th March 2013

    Study: Six million users log onto Grindr an average of eight times a day 18

    Grindr app has gained 6 million users since it launched 4 years ago

    6:45 PM — Grindr is used by 6 million users who spend an hour and a half daily on average using the app, a study has found. The study by the location-based app also found that users log in eight times a day on average.

  • 28th February 2013

    Comment: Is Grindr now a hunting ground for technically straight, married men? 157

    Grindr attracts all types of men

    4:19 PM — Writing for PinkNews.co.uk, Christopher Gen claims Grindr is now gaining increased popularity with straight men.

  • 26th August 2012

    Doctors: Use of gay apps like Grindr linked to syphilis outbreak 78

    Data showed a recent change in the way gay men meet each other for sex

    1:39 AM — An increase in the number of gay men using gay social apps, such as Grindr, is to blame for a syphilis epidemic, according to a New Zealand doctor.

  • 26th June 2012

    San Francisco: Missing man returns a week after social networking app meeting 24

    The battery in Mr Flanary's phone died after he met the stranger on the app

    1:47 PM — A 22-year-old man in San Francisco has resurfaced having been missing for a week after meeting a stranger on a social networking app before the city's pride celebrations.

  • 23rd April 2012

    Barclays unveils app for gay, bi and trans staff 15

    The Barclays app may the first of its kind

    11:46 AM — Barclays has launched a new smartphone app to support its gay, bi and trans staff to keep them aware of news and events.

  • 10th April 2012

    Comment: Addicted to Grindr 47

    Gavin Roach sometimes fears he may have "Ground" everyone in his neighbourhood

    1:02 PM — The location-aware gay social app Grindr is celebrating its third birthday with 3.5 million users in 192 countries. Gavin Roach, who is taking his show Confessions of a Grindr Addict across Australia, writes about his experience of what happens when Grindr takes over.

  • 23rd January 2012

    Grindr ‘mandatory update’ to tackle hack 1

    Grindr said it will release a mandatory security update to prevent hacking

    11:33 AM — Man-locating app Grindr has said it will release a mandatory security update after thousands of Australian users' accounts were put at risk. The company says personal information and chat history has not been compromised.

  • 6th October 2011

    Google removes ‘Is my son gay?’ app 28

    The French version of the app

    2:14 PM — An Android app which claims to be able to tell anxious mothers whether their sons are gay has been pulled from Google's online store. The app asks 20 stereotypical questions, such as ‘Does your son like to dress well?’ and ‘Does he like musicals?’

  • 27th September 2011

    French smartphone app ‘tells mothers if their son is gay’ 39

    "Is my son gay?"

    5:01 PM — A new app for Android smartphones claims it can tell anxious mothers whether their son is gay. The 1.99 euro app asks 20 stereotypical questions, such as 'Does your son like to dress well?' and 'Does he like musicals?'

  • 8th September 2011

    Grindr founder creates mainstream meet-up service ‘Blendr’ 19

    Blendr is targeted at the mainstream

    1:19 PM — The founder of gay phone app Grindr has created a new service aimed at the mainstream. Joel Simkhai, who launched Grindr two years ago, says new iPhone app Blendr will help people find dates and friendships nearby.

  • 21st March 2011

    80,000 sign petition to Apple over ‘gay cure’ app 72

    More than 80,000 people have signed a petition against the app

    10:49 AM — More than 80,000 people have signed a petition calling on Apple to remove a 'gay cure' app from its iTunes store. The company is coming under increased pressure to remove the Exodus International app.

  • 17th March 2011

    Petition to ban ‘gay cure’ iPhone app 58

    4:55 PM — A petition has been started to ban a 'gay cure' group's iPhone app. Christian group Exodus International claims that people can find “freedom from homosexuality” through prayer and practises conversion therapy.

  • 14th March 2011

    Gay dating app Grindr to launch straight counterpart 3

    Joel Simkhai founded Grindr

    3:21 PM — Grindr, the revolutionary iPhone, BlackBerry and Android application for the gay community is to launch a mainstream version of their social networking concept. Grindr has more than 1.65 million regular users in 180 countries worldwide, with London being the app’s most popular city.

  • 6th March 2011

    Exclusive: Grindr to launch Android app version “imminently” 33

    Grindr Anroid as seen on a Google Nexus One

    11:10 PM — The iconic iPhone gay social networking app Grindr is to launch on the Android platform imminently, PinkNews.co.uk can reveal after obtaining a leaked final test version of Grindr for Android. It is understood that the the app is intended to go live within the Google Android Market in next few days.

  • 26th November 2010

    Apple removes ‘anti-gay’ iPhone app 30

    The app appears to have been removed

    3:45 PM — Apple has apparently removed an app from its iTunes store which rails against gay marriage and LGBT rights. The app, created by a Christian group, disappeared from the online store after media attention, first reported on PinkNews.co.uk.

  • 23rd November 2010

    Apple approves ‘anti-gay’ iPhone app 48

    A screenshot of the Manhattan Declaration app

    5:54 PM — Apple has approved an iPhone app which calls on users to sign up to a declaration against LGBT rights and gay marriage. The app is based on the Manhattan Declaration, a manifesto released in 2009 by Christian and Catholic leaders which rails against the "erosion" of marriage.

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