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aids projects

  • 17th July 2014

    Singapore: Literary prize judges step down over ‘bigoted’ destruction of ‘gay books’ 2

    Conflict over children's books intensifies

    3:00 PM — Three authors have stepped down from their roles as judges for a Singaporean literary prize, after the country destroyed copies of 'gay-themed' books.

  • 22nd December 2009

    INTERVIEW: Why we need a London AIDS Memorial 35

    Organisations, individuals already involved in HIV/AIDS projects and club promoters have all put their names forward to help

    4:29 PM — PinkNews.co.uk speaks to London scene legend Gary Henshaw about why he is pushing for permanent London AIDS memorial in the capital. The London AIDS memorial group was founded on December 1st 2009 by Gary Henshaw and Swarmite Ananda. Its aim is to provide a permanent AIDS memorial where people can gather to remember the ones who 'succumbed, dying bravely, defiantly and with no knowledge of the battle ahead.'

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