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  • 10th August 2006

    Can A-list gays slay Mayor Ken? 5

    Despite the Conservative party's decision to extend the deadline for six months - presumably to try and attract some better-known candidates - there are already a few front-runners that the gay community would do well to take note of

    12:00 AM — Tongue firmly in cheek, Tony Grew takes a look at the Tories hoping to be London's next mayorA few months ago Dave "I ride huskies" Cameron announced that from now on the Tories would embrace "American-style" selection tactics for the race to be the Tory candidate for mayor in the 2008 election.In what the party like to describe as an "X-factor" competition, Londoners of all parties and none will be invited to vote on the various candidates and pick a winner.

  • 2nd August 2006

    Castro illness may raise Cuba’s gay hopes 4

    President Castro, 80, said the pressure of being in power since 1959 contributed to his illness

    12:00 AM — Speculation is mounting over the future of Cuba after its leader Fidel Castro recently handed power to his brother Raul.The president is currently recovering from treatment for internal bleeding, and the temporary appointment of his sibling may bring good news for the country's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in the future.

  • 27th July 2006

    Homophobia can only be ended through school

    Ben Summerskill is chief executive of Stonewall

    12:00 AM — Ben Summerskill, chief executive of gay charity Stonewall outlines the importance of schools in the fight against homophobiaAt Stonewall we've just launched a major national survey to find out exactly what's happening to young gay people in our schools.Hundreds of pupils have already visited www.speakoutonline.org.uk to reveal their experiences of anti-gay bullying.

  • 24th July 2006

    Latvia “fails” democracy test after gay pride violence 1

    Peter Tatchell of gay rights group Outrage attended and spoke at Riga Pride, he witnessed

    12:00 AM — Neo-Nazi, Christian fundamentalist and extreme nationalist protesters terrorised participants at the Gay Pride rally in the Latvian capital of Riga last Saturday . Peter Tatchell of gay rights group Outrage attended and spoke at Riga Pride, he witnessedfirst-hand what happened there."Private armed guards were drafted in to provide security, after the Latvian police repeatedly failed to halt the aggression of the homophobic mob.

  • 21st July 2006

    God save the queers 1

    The pink flag dominated the EuroPride parade

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk's Katherine Knowles meets the man behind those pink flags which have dominated gay pride marches across the country and the world.First there was the flag. Pink and cheerful and vibrant, spilling silkily out of the envelope, bringing a smile to the bleary eyed 9am workers in the PinkNews.co.uk office, then gracing the lectern at our paper launch party, where it drew admiring glances from MPs and members of the gay choir alike.

  • 20th July 2006

    “I’m a lesbian and our guitarist has one hand” 1

    The final of the band competition will take place on Sunday 23rd July at the LAZ Astoria (Photo: Nikki Valledy)

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk's Katherine Knowles meets a band proudly challenging physical, emotional and musical barriers."We're all equal here, man" says Jackie Romeu, the lead singer of new band Nelson Romeu. "I'm a lesbian and our guitarist only has one hand!""People always want to know how he plays the guitar with one hand. All I can say is, he's always had one arm with not all his fingers, so he just has got by over the years. He lays the guitar on a piano stand and strums away. He makes his own path, you know what I'm saying?"

  • 17th July 2006

    Living outside of society: Palestinian refugee rentboys in the Lebanon

    The  Bourj el-Barajneh refugee camp

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk ExclusiveAs the conflict between Israel and terrorists and others within the Lebanon and the Palestinian Territories worsens, PinkNews.co.uk's Matthew Streib examines what the plight of Palestinian refugee rentboys living within the Lebanon. "I'M NOT GAY. Don't write that I'm gay," implored Tarek, a 22-yearold resident of Chatila, a Palestinian refugee camp of more than 12,000 inhabitants just south of Beirut.

  • 3rd July 2006

    Gay carers in the community

    Roger Newman taking part in last weekend's EuroPride parade

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk ExclusiveThis week the Alzheimer's Society is launching a campaign to raise awareness of dementia, PinkNews.co.uk's Marc Shoffman discovers the effect of the disease on the gay community.The phrase "gay community" is often thrown into the ring when talking about same-sex issues such as HIV, discrimination, marriage, and homophobia, but under the rainbow flags and civil partnership certificates, an increasing section of the group appear to be overlooked, despite having unique needs.

  • 30th June 2006

    Gay community awaiting EuroPride 6

    Half a million people are expected at the rally tomorrow (Photo: PrideLondon)

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk's Marc Shoffman looks ahead to this weekend's EuroPride rally.It's been a revolutionary year for the UK gay community, unlike the last gay pride in London, same sex couples will be attending this weekend's EuroPride rally as civil partners, confident that they are protected by law in the workplace and eventually in the supply of goods and services.

  • 29th June 2006

    Evangelical Alliance: ‘Gays are not superior sinners’ 6

    Joel Edwards, head of the Evangelical Alliance, tells PinkNews.co.uk's Marc Shoffman it's time for positive dialogue with the gay community

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk ExclusiveThe relationship between religion and homosexuality has become strained recently, barely a week passes without the Pope criticising gay marriages or the Anglican Church imploding over gay bishops, but Joel Edwards, head of the Evangelical Alliance, tells PinkNews.co.uk's Marc Shoffman it's time for positive dialogue. "Why is anything which is not from the gay position defined as homophobic," asks Joel Edwards, general director of the Evangelical Alliance, a Christian charity and lobby group in its 160th year of using a commitment to Christ and the Bible to engage with society.

  • Activist criticises gay gene obsession 2

    Gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell hits out at the obsession with finding a gay gene

    12:00 AM — Gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell hits out at the obsession with finding a gay gene and suggests sexual orientation is deemed by a variety of factorsWhy are scientists so preoccupied with what causes homosexuality, to the near-total exclusion of the factors that lead to heterosexuality? I don't object to research into sexual orientation. It is the one-sided obsession that bugs me.

  • 26th June 2006

    Where does the gay community fit into a Bill of Rights? 2

    David Cameron wants to introduce a British Bill of Rights

    12:00 AM — Conservative leader David Cameron wants to introduce a British Bill of Rights which would make up for what he describes as the negative consequences of the Human Rights Act on terrorism and crime, PinkNews.co.uk's Marc Shoffman warns that the gay community must not be left out.David Cameron's latest policy would mean introducing a codified document setting out principles of law which must be abided by, similar to the US Constitution, which as regular PinkNews.co.uk readers will know, can often dangerously be used against the gay community.

  • 23rd June 2006

    Gay activist opposes British Megan’s Law 1

    Peter Tatchell claims giving children more sexual rights and education will help protect against abuse

    12:00 AM — Gay campaigner Peter Tatchell claims giving children more sexual rights and education will help protect against abuse better than a British Megan's Law.Why is the whole debate around child sex abuse framed almost entirely in terms of repressing the abusers, to near the total neglect of any attempt to empower young people to resist and report abuse?

  • 9th June 2006

    Gay guide to the World Cup 3

    Today sees the start of the 2006 World Cup in Germany, but before you attach that St George flag to the car door, or get out the red and white face paints, check the PinkNews.co.uk World Cup Guide

    12:00 AM — The recent increase of England flags stuck to cars and draping from pub windows and houses across the country can mean one of two things, either British National Party support has increased or a certain football related tournament is beginning.Today sees the start of the 2006 World Cup in Germany, but before you attach that St George flag to the car door, or get out the red and white face paints, check the PinkNews.co.uk World Cup Guide to find out who the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community should be supporting.

  • 8th June 2006

    “Gay eye for the straight guy” World Cup style 3

    Lanson have a special edition World Cup bottle, with a fancy themed label

    12:00 AM — "The worst thing about the world cup is all the tat" said the woman next to me in the supermarket check-out queue, as we watched the man in front of us pile a motley assortment of plastic hats, throw away St George's flag table clothes, England blowers, logo-ed beer, logo-ed beer mugs, world cup crisps and a blow up hammer onto the conveyor belt.Of course, if your aesthetic taste runs to polyester shirts and nylon afro wigs, than you should wholeheartedly embrace your world cup fashion and lifestyle moment. But if you're looking for something a little more exclusive, here's the PinkNews.co.uk guide to World Cup luxury style.

  • 7th June 2006

    Canadian wives – British civil partners 10

    Sue and Celia want the High Court to recognise their marriage as a marriage, not as a civil partnership

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk ExclusivePinkNews.co.uk's Marc Shoffman meets a lesbian couple determined to be recognised as wives in the UK.Marriage is currently a big issue in Parliament's across the globe. UK High Court rulings have set precedents for bigger divorce settlements, and last week the Law Commission recommended rights for unmarried couples, including gays and lesbians, while the US senate is considering a constitutional gay marriage ban and Canada is contemplating repealing its gay marriage laws.

  • 28th May 2006

    Moscow pride- an eye witness account 5

    Volker Beck was punched in the face whilst he was giving a television interview

    12:00 AM — The human rights campaigner, Peter Tatchell of gay rights group OutRage! offers his own personal account of the Moscow gay pride march.The Mayor of Moscow said gay pride would never happen while he was alive. He mobilised a quarter of the Moscow police, over 1,000 officers, to prevent the gay parade. Despite all his efforts, lesbian and gay Russians — and their international supporters — gathered by the Kremlin in Manezhnaya Square.

  • 13th May 2006

    Celibacy as the cure for homosexuality? Meet the real Opus Dei 21

    Jack Valero, Opus Dei's British numerary

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk ExclusiveDespite a negative portrayal in The Da Vinci Code and media furore over Ruth Kelly's involvement, Opus Dei member and senior representative Jack Valero, in the organisation's first interview with the gay press, tells PinkNews.co.uk's Benjamin Cohen how much happier and closer the group makes him feel with God."I've been celibate since I joined Opus Dei when I was 16. It's tough of course."

  • 10th May 2006

    Comment: Ruth Kelly – Minister for Sin? 21

    Can Ruth Kelly balance Catholic values and gay rights?

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk ExclusiveMarc Shoffman explores Opus Dei, the Catholic society at the centre of the row over Ruth Kelly's appointment as minister for Women and Equality.For a group often accused of secrecy, Opus Dei must be quite shocked at being thrust into the limelight over the past few weeks. The upcoming film adaptation of the Da Vinci Code portrays the organisation as an extreme, manipulative organisation, harshly defending the existence of Jesus Christ and now it has been brought into British politics with the appointment of one of its 80,000 members, Ruth Kelly, to head the government's equality unit.

  • 6th May 2006

    Reshuffle error? Can Ruth Kelly really represent the gay community? 22

    Ruth Kelly in pink in Parliament, but she's not there when it matters to gay people

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk's Benjamin Cohen examines the problems that Ruth Kelly may face as Minister for Women and Equality.Placing the Women and Equality unit within the new Department for Communities and Local Government does make a great deal of sense.However, the Mr Blair does not seem to have thought through the consequences of moving the unit to a department headed by Ms Kelly who is well known member of Opus Dei.


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