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  • 28th September 2006

    Out and proud party people 1

    It is an exciting time for anyone interested in politics

    12:00 AM — With the party conference season in full swing Tony Grew, political correspondent for The Pink News, speaks to gay party activists from the Tories, the Greens, the LibDems and Labour to find out what being gay and being political actually means in 2006.For those of us old enough to remember the passage of Section 28 and lesbian avengers storming the BBC news and abseiling into the House of Lords, back then it seemed the only way to fight homophobia was to rally behind the red flag.

  • 27th September 2006

    Who will be Mr Gay USA? 57

    Who will be Mr Gay USA?

    12:00 AM — With the Miss World finals taking place in Poland on the 30th September, you might think that that would be enough slightly politically incorrect high camp for one week.But you would be wrong.Competition in "Mr World" is hotting up as the USA competes to find the "boy next door" to challenge other "Mr Gay's" from around the World.

  • 26th September 2006

    Northampton gives “Kiss Goodbye to Homophobia” 1

    The evening came to a close with the entire cast of performers on stage singing I Am What I Am

    12:00 AM — Northampton's gay community along with LGBT supporters across the country overcame homophobic threats to hold an anti-homophobia event last weekend, PinkNews.co.uk reports on the evening.At 2.30 am on July 15th 2006, Michael Fardon finished his drink at the Boston Clipper in Northampton and set off home. That was the last time he was seen alive. His body was found one week later just 200yds away from the venue. He had been brutally attacked and murdered and then his body had been dumped in a rubbish container.

  • Peter Tatchell attacks ”double standards from Labour”

    “The government recently enacted a new law against incitement to religious hatred, but it refuses to pass a law prohibiting incitement to homophobic hatred. More double standards from Labour.''

    12:00 AM — Peter Tatchell used the Green Party annual conference LGBT fringe meeting last week to launch a fierce attack on what he calls Labour's 'double standards,' calling on the public to complain to their MPs, the Equalities Minister and Tony Blair.Mr Tatchell, OutRage! activist, speaking at Hove Town Hall on Saturday 23rd September described Labour as blowing hot and cold over gay rights.

  • 25th September 2006

    Comment: Ming, Monkeys and Minorities 19

    Ming made a balls of a QA with members, he came across as an old man, he even said the Arctic Monkeys have sold more records than The Beatles! Which proves he was as out of touch in 1964 as he is now

    12:00 AM — Couldn't be bothered to watch the LibDem conference last week? Shame on you. Anyway here is what you need to know to get through a dinner party conversation.Ming made a balls of a QA with members, he came across as an old man, he even said the Arctic Monkeys have sold more records than The Beatles! Which proves he was as out of touch in 1964 as he is now.

  • Comment: Gordon Brown outlines leadership credentials 1

    Gordon Brown has staked his claim on the premiership with an outstanding speech to the Labour party conference in Manchester

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk's Tony Grew analyses how much Gordon Brown's Labour Party conference speech signifies his leadership credentials.Gordon Brown has staked his claim on the premiership with an outstanding speech to the Labour party conference in Manchester.His address was overshadowed by Blairites telling anyone who would listen that Brown cannot win the next election. In his speech the Chancellor showed delegates why he is the only real successor to Tony Blair.

  • Comment: Where is the gay community’s apology? 12

    So while Benedict sits clean shaven, prawn sandwich in one hand, and pointing fingers with the other, why should anyone else have to put up with his misinformed personal insults?

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk's Marc Shoffman asks whether the Pope should follow up his apology to Muslims with a retraction to every other community he has hurt.So the Pope has met Muslim groups today offering his "total and profound respect" for their community.His apology comes after referring to a historical quote claiming the prophet Muhammad brought only evil to the world. Ok maybe a bit extreme but Benedict didn't say it himself, yet a few burning effigies later and he is on his knees to the Muslim world, begging for forgiveness.

  • From car parks to pop charts 3

    It turns out that Jake, while looking like the face any music guru would pick to launch a 'brand,' is in fact the genius behind all his own music and lyrics

    12:00 AM — When reporter Tony Grew first heard Jake Hook's music, he was sure there must be a team of producers and writers behind it.It turns out that Jake, while looking like the face any music guru would pick to launch a 'brand,' is in fact the genius behind all his own music and lyrics. PinkNews.co.uk sent Tony off into the wilds of North London to find out more.

  • Tears expected as Blair’s last party conference begins 1

    The Labour conference was kicked off yesterday by rival TV interviews from Tony Blair and Gordon Brown

    12:00 AM — Don't have time to sit at home and watch the party conferences live? Tony Grew gives us a quick guide to the week ahead at the Labour party conference in Manchester, with some tips on the key speeches and some analysis of the New Labour way of holding a conference.The Labour conference was kicked off yesterday by rival TV interviews from Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

  • 20th September 2006

    Charismatic Clegg wows LibDems

    Clegg recently conceded even he is bored of constantly being talked up as a successor to Ming Campbell

    12:00 AM — At the Liberal Democrat conference in Brighton this week, the party's Home Affairs spokesman Nick Clegg made an impassioned speech in defence of liberal values, PinkNews.co.uk's political correspondent Tony Grew interviewed Clegg earlier in the summer, and explains why many pundits see him as a future leader.Charismatic. Articulate. Passionate. Crowd-pleasing. Funny. Not the usual qualities one expects in Liberal Democrats.

  • Dis-Orientations: A Chinese gay revolution?

    Taboo?: This play could be beneficial in challenging Chinese attitudes towards homosexuality (Photo: Kathy Leung)

    12:00 AM — A new play in London aims to tell the tale of modernisation and self-expression in developing areas of China, PinkNews.co.uk's Marc Shoffman asks if this production can help challenge the country's taboo attitude towards homosexuality."We will have to turn the lights down on the gay sex scene," Dis-Orientations' artistic director Michael Walling admits when asked if his new play, which attempts to merge Chinese Opera and British theatre, would work in China.

  • 19th September 2006

    Blazin Squad, gay 4 pay?

    Are the boys really LGBT friendly or are they as cynics may suggest simply 'gay for pay' searching for that valuable 'pink pound'?

    12:00 AM — Blazin' Squad are back, but with a few fundamental changes, PinkNews.co.uk's James Phillips asks whether the group are really gay friendly or just chasing the pink pound.Gone are the ten 16-year-old rappers who had previously been criticised for being pioneers of chav culture. Blazin' squad split in 2005, after three members went off to form Friday Hill, with three more members working on 'solo material' whilst the remaining four members consisting of Stuart, Sam, Plat'num and Melo - d now make up the new and revitalised Blazin Squad.

  • 1st September 2006

    Gay community going online for outdoor pursuits 3

    Cruising and its indoor partner cottaging have been brought back to the table for debate

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk InvestigationCruising and its indoor partner cottaging have been brought back to the table for debate this month.George Michael started the discussion when, following a News of the World allegation that he had been cruising on Hampstead Heath, he called it "the best cruising ground in London."

  • Lebanese gay group helping refugee relief

    There were only two sources of potable water, which were two large, gray tanks from UNICEF, and lines could form rapidly

    12:00 AM — Matthew Streib, foreign correspondent for The Pink News meets the Arab world's first gay group which has spent the last month opening up its community activities to both gay and straight refugees displaced by the conflict between Israel and Lebanon.The Sanayeh Public Gardens, one of the few green spaces in the highly-developed city of Beirut, is usually a haven of relaxation.

  • When my parents were young it was illegal to be gay 1

    Meg Hillier is Labour MP for Hackney South and Shoreditch and Parliamentary Private Secretary to Ruth Kelly

    12:00 AM — Meg Hillier, Labour MP and Parliamentary Private Secretary to Ruth Kelly in the Department for Communities and Local Government, analyses how much the government has changed gay rights in Britain.As my children grow up it is unremarked that MPs, cabinet ministers and other public figures are gay and we now see couples celebrating civil partnerships thanks to the Labour Government.

  • AIDS activists were trailblazers 2

    Margot James is Conservative Party Vice Chairman

    12:00 AM — Margot James praises the input of gay AIDS sufferers in gaining treatment for the disease and campaigning for support in other medical areas.Last month's 16th International Aids Conference in Toronto is worth reflecting on in light of the last two decades.When I started my healthcare PR business in the mid-eighties few of us had heard of HIV and Aids.

  • 31st August 2006

    COMMENT: Gay adults must challenge homophobic teachers 5

    Childline received nearly 2,800 calls in the last year about sexual orientation or homophobia.

    12:00 AM — A report from the NSPCC this week revealed a rise in the number of LGBT teens calling Childline to ask for help with homophobic bullying.The details of the report make for grim reading, most shocking of all being the hostile attitude of teachers.Tony Grew examines the report and what gay adults can do to help. 

  • 25th August 2006

    COMMENT: Not all representation is positive 7

    When it is some Essex white-van man with a can of Stella resting on his belly, chortling at the funny fat faggot mincing round being flamboyantly gay, it becomes much harder to argue that the programme is having a positive impact.

    12:00 AM — Should we be happy that the rather shallow humour of Little Britain is being exported to America?Or that more and more companies are commissioning 'gay' adverts to appeal to homo-consumers?Representation is always a slippery issue. Tony Grew muses on whether more adverts and more gay jokes are a good thing. 

  • 24th August 2006

    Comment: Cartoon characters also go to Mars

    So what if gay people buy some Spongebob merchandise, they also buy deodorant

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk's Dave McElhill calls for an end to the hunt for homosexual cartoon characters.The frenzy of concern has recently crossed the channel from the United States and taken hold of the media during the newspaper silly season.Thanks to cigarette smoking blue cats, domestically abusive homophobic miners (Fred Flintstone, apparently), and accusations of characters being overly violent, subversive, or homosexual, the media can complain for long quiet periods about children's television.

  • Gay culture courses available through university clearing

    Universities in Westminster, Sunderland, Southampton, Hull and Aberdeen have added different areas of study to their existing sociology courses (photo: dcjohn)

    12:00 AM — The hype over A Level exam results is beginning to fade as students begin to pack their bags for university, for those with an interest in the gay community there are still places left on many suitable courses. Dave McElhill investigates.You can now get an education in issues such as sexuality in civilisation and the place of homosexuality in modern society.


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