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  • 2nd June 2010

    Lesbian and gay smokers ‘more at risk of respiratory illness’ 8

    LGB people are more likely to smoke than heterosexuals (Photo: Valentin Ottone)

    1:48 PM — Young lesbian, gay and bisexual smokers may be more at risk of respiratory illnesses than their straight counterparts, a study suggests.

  • 27th May 2010

    HIV cases on the rise in Scotland 6

    HIV infections continue to rise in Scotland

    4:12 PM — Figures published yesterday showed that over 90 Scots were diagnosed HIV positive since the beginning of this year. Between January and March 2010, 91 people were affected, bringing the overall Scottish diagnosis rate to 6,338.

  • 26th May 2010

    Canadian researchers argue for lifting of blood ban for gay men 9

    gay men are banned from giving blood in the UK, US and Canada

    3:47 PM — A team of investigators in the online edition of the Canadian Medical Association Journal has argued that the lifetime ban on gay men giving blood should be replaced with a deferral for those who have been in a stable, monogamous relationship for at least one year. In Canada, the USA and the UK, gay men and any other men who partake in sex with men are permanently banned from giving blood.

  • 25th May 2010

    Trans woman refused NHS breast operation 81

    The NHS refused Ms "C" a breast augmentation

    11:00 AM — A trans woman from Reading has lost her High Court battle to have an NHS-funded operation to augment her bust, which failed to develop properly following hormone treatment.

  • 21st May 2010

    Fears over Uganda’s ‘discriminatory’ HIV bill 12

    Uganda parliament is considering an HIV prevention bill

    3:24 PM — A bill has been tabled in Uganda's parliament to make HIV testing mandatory for pregnant women, their partners and victims and perpetrators of sexual assaults.

  • 18th May 2010

    Video: Daniel Radcliffe’s ad on gay youth suicide rates 14

    Daniel Radcliffe appears in the gay charity's ad (Photo: David Jo)

    5:45 PM — Actor Daniel Radcliffe has filmed a public service announcement on behalf of a gay charity. The Harry Potter star is a supporter of the Trevor Project, a charity which supports LGBT young people who are at risk of suicide.

  • 17th May 2010

    UN report finds gay men in Asia ‘denied HIV care’ 2

    The report said up to 90 per cent of gay Asian men were denied HIV care

    5:54 PM — Up to 90 per cent of gay men in Asia cannot access HIV care and advice, a United Nations-backed report has found. It said rates of the disease had reached alarming levels among gay men on the continent and repressive laws in many countries are making the situation worse.

  • 12th May 2010

    Trans woman launches legal challenge after being denied breast surgery 6

    'C' is fighting to get breast surgery on the NHS

    2:25 PM — A trans woman has launched a legal challenge after her primary care trust decided she could not have breast implants funded by the NHS.

  • 30th April 2010

    Gonorrhoea ‘may become untreatable’, health experts warn 3

    Gonorrhoea could become untreatable, experts say

    3:11 PM — The World Health Organisation has said that the sexually transmitted disease gonorrhoea may become untreatable due to the improper use of antibiotics. The disease increases the chances of gay men catching HIV.

  • 28th April 2010

    China lifts ban on HIV-positive visitors

    China has lifted its HIV travel ban

    2:13 PM — The Chinese government has announced it has overturned the ban on HIV-positive visitors entering the country. The ban was introduced in 1989, although China has temporarily lifted it for major events in the past, such as the1990 Beijing Asian Games and the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

  • 27th April 2010

    Organisation set up for gay Irish doctors 1

    The AGM will be held next month

    5:56 PM — Lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans doctors in Ireland now have their own social and support group. Gay Doctors Ireland will hold its first annual general meeting in Dublin next month after being set up in December.

  • 23rd April 2010

    Survey finds more straight women barebacking than gay men 23

    Women were less likely to use condoms for anal sex

    4:47 PM — A survey has found that heterosexual women are less likely to use condoms for anal sex than gay men. The research, carried out by the New York City Department of Health, found that only 23 per cent of women required their male partners to use condoms during anal sex, compared with 61 per cent of gay or bisexual men.

  • Elton John ‘would give up fame and fortune’ for teenager who died of AIDS 4

    Elton John credits Ryan White with saving his life

    11:04 AM — Elton John would give up everything to have a conversation with the boy he credits with saving his life, a letter reveals. The gay singer has said that he was able to beat his drug addiction in the 1980s because of Ryan White, who died aged 18 of AIDS in 1990.

  • 21st April 2010

    NHS gender reassignment surgery rates triple 30

    NHS surgery rates are increasing

    3:05 PM — The number of gender reassignment surgeries carried yearly on the NHS has tripled since 2000, figures show. In 2000, 54 surgeries were carried out, compared with 143 in 2009.

  • 16th April 2010

    Obama gives gay partners equal healthcare rights 18

    Obama said that gay and lesbian couples were often barred from visiting partners

    2:10 PM — US President Barack Obama has ordered almost all hospitals to give gay partners equal rights in visiting and making decisions for their loved ones.

  • 9th April 2010

    Gay HIV activist Clint Walters dies 30

    Clint Walters died at his south London home

    11:02 AM — Clint Walters, the gay HIV activist, has died of a heart attack aged 31. Mr Walters, who was just 17 when he was diagnosed with the disease, died at his home in Clapham, London, on Sunday.

  • 7th April 2010

    Lesbian tennis star Martina Navratilova diagnosed with cancer 10

    Martina Navratilova was diagnosed with breast cancer

    4:11 PM — Martina Navratilova has revealed she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. The former tennis world champion, 53, said that finding out the news in February was devastating.

  • Trans woman may sue over half-completed surgery 15

    Miranda Lee may sue her health trust

    11:12 AM — A trans woman from Southend says she is considering legal action after her local health trust refused to pay for her breast augmentation.

  • 1st April 2010

    Analysis: Why are gays excluded from some clinical trials? 12

    Some studies insist on straight participants

    3:49 PM — Gay men and lesbians are routinely excluded from clinical trials for new treatments for sexual dysfunction, according to US research published last week. The question is whether this is a case of discrimination or just questionable experimental design.

  • HIV charity opens online chatroom for gay men 12

    The details gathered will be used by THT to form its future campaigns

    11:16 AM — HIV charity Terrence Higgins Trust is to open an online chatroom for gay men to discuss their experiences of HIV, sex and condoms. The £35,000 focus group will be used to formulate future safe sex campaigns.


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