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  • 10th June 2008

    DIY:Eco-friendly floors

    Are eco-friendly floors a reality?

    9:00 PM — For a touch of class and a natural modern feel, you can’t beat a real wood floor. It goes with every colour scheme, looks elegant and is easy to clean. But is not necessarily the most environment-friendly of options.

  • Beauty without boldness

    Globaltex Tropicana collection: fabric designs inspired from fresh, vibrant, tropical and natural forms with a contemporary feel.

    8:42 PM — It’s nice to be able to keep up with current trends in home furnishings and interiors but we also have to live in our homes, and while this season’s chocolate and mocha seem inviting, the similarly trendy fuchsia and aqua shades could prove a little irksome after time.

  • Minister who called gay rugby ‘apartheid’ is sacked 2

    Mr Poots has a record of insulting gay and lesbian people

    11:23 AM — Edwin Poots has been dropped from the Northern Ireland Executive after a reshuffle. As minister for arts and culture he attacked the formation of a gay rugby team in the province.

  • 6th June 2008

    COMMENT: A kiss is just a kiss? Not for baseball-loving lesbians

    Several big baseball teams sponsor gay nights at their stadiums.

    2:00 PM — People across America generally view the Pacific Northwest as one of the most progressive, and dare I say liberal, regions of the United States.

  • London team prepares for rugby’s Bingham Cup

    The event is the biggest international gay orientated event ever held in Ireland

    2:30 AM — Gay rugby club the Kings Cross Steelers is off to Dublin for the Bingham Cup on Sunday and players are looking forward to a good luck send off at the Two Brewers on Clapham High Street.

  • 2nd June 2008

    Gay basketball hero to be Olympic ambassador 1

    Amaechi chose to come out last year in an autobiography, Man In The Middle

    12:27 PM — Former NBA player John Amaechi will be Amnesty International's first sporting ambassador at the Beijing Olympics this summer.

  • 29th May 2008

    Australian diver comes out ahead of Olympics 3

    Mitcham, 20, came out in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald

    10:41 AM — Like many athletes around the world, Australian Matthew Mitcham fought his way to the top of his sport to qualify for the Beijing Olympic Games.

  • 27th May 2008

    Australian sporting hero named as Gay Games ambassador

    Ferris captured her country's heart at Sydney's 2000 Olympics

    1:33 PM — Australian Michelle Ferris, one of cycling's all-time sprint stars, has been selected by the Federation of Gay Games (FGG) to be the newest Gay Games Ambassador.

  • 26th May 2008

    Biggest Pride in the world draws in millions

    Sao Paulo pride (taken 2004)

    8:59 PM — The world's largest gay pride parade took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil yesterday with millions of people peacefully gathering to celebrate gay rights. But the event also creates thousands of jobs.

  • 22nd May 2008

    Homophobic abuse fails to disrupt gay football final

    Leftfooters FC is hosting the International Gay Lesbian Football Association World Championship in London

    5:28 PM — Manchester United may be celebrating their win on penalties at last night's Champion's League Final, but another team from the city also went home with silverwear earlier this month.

  • 16th May 2008

    Interview: a little Dutch girl named Brecht Olsthoorn

    Octopus Cushion Cover Room Seven www.roomseven.com

    10:31 PM — Once upon a time there was a little Dutch girl named Brecht Olsthoorn who loved to watch her mother and father making beautiful clothes for children. She was so inspired by the beautiful fabrics, colours and patterns that she aspired to follow in her parents’ footsteps oneday.

  • 14th May 2008

    Stonewall seeks fans on Facebook

    Everyone from MPs to aspiring pop stars continue to use the social networking site

    2:59 PM — Gay equality organisation Stonewall has launched a new Facebook page as everyone from MPs to aspiring pop stars continue to use the social networking site to connect with friends and supporters.

  • 13th May 2008

    Fitness lesbian loses sponsor over breast comments

    American lesbian fitness guru Jackie Warner needs a new sponsor

    12:45 PM — American lesbian fitness guru Jackie Warner needs a new sponsor. Sports beverage Gatorade pulled its sponsorship from Warner's reality fitness show Work Out, on the Bravo network, in response to letters of outrage from viewers.

  • 6th May 2008

    Lesbian footballer player murdered in homophobic attack

    South Africa's Police Inspectorate has promised "decisive action" against officers who ridicule gay people

    2:38 PM — A prominent female football player gang-raped and murdered in South Africa last week was the victim of homophobic violence, according to activists. Midfielder Eudy Simelane, 31, was buried earlier this week.

  • 2nd May 2008

    Homophobic football chief invited to gay World Cup

    Teams from America, Japan and Africa will be at this summer's World Championship

    12:46 PM — The Gay Football Supporters Network has said it is "amused" by the comments of Luciano Moggi, former managing director of Juventus, that "a homosexual cannot do the job of a footballer."

  • 1st May 2008

    All-male fundraising run to feature football stars

    Everyman patron and testicular cancer survivor Neil Harris is hoping to better his performance

    3:26 PM — Men are being encouraged to get fit with their footballing heroes in order to raise money and awareness for male cancer research. Keep Your Eye On The Ball 5k will take place on June 1st.

  • Beckham’s jersey gift sparks legal action

    Beckham removed his shirt and handed it to two 10-year-old former close friends and soccer teammates

    10:31 AM — Over the past few years, many people have become obsessed with soccer player David Beckham, but this week his appeal reached a whole new and somewhat disturbing level.

  • 25th April 2008

    DIY disasters

    11:20 PM — Trying to save money by doing tricky DIY jobs around your home and garden can leave you more short-changed if you are forced to pay a professional to sort out your mess.

  • The year-round lush lawn

    11:15 PM — The idea of artificial turf may conjure up unpleasant memories for football supporters following several poorly received uses of it on the pitch at QPR and Luton in the 1980s, but for gardeners it may represent a dream of low-maintenance – if only it didn’t look like one of those green plastic doormats.

  • Money down the loo

    11:08 PM — You may not pay it much thought, but every time you flush the toilet you could be pouring money down the drain. Pulling the chain accounts for a third of all the water we use in our homes and that can add up to a hefty water bill, as well as being extremely wasteful.

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