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  • 28th June 2008

    Feature: Make a success of DIY design

    Stylish interiors come through using the right amount of furniture for the space.

    11:10 AM — Home makeover programmes have inspired millions of people to become a little more creative with their interiors. You can now choose from endless paint shades, rolls of designer wallpapers, floor coverings, furniture styles and accessories. It is piecing them all together that is the hard bit.

  • Feature: Recycling can’t keep up

    Recycling rates are rising, but so is the sheer volume of waste

    11:07 AM — The good news is that recycling rates have risen and the UK is on schedule to meet EU targets. However, the issue of waste is an escalating problem whose solution lies in changing the nation's buying habits and our attitudes to consumption, according to the authors of a new report.

  • House sicknesses

    Is your home sick?

    11:01 AM — Your property is your biggest asset, so you should make the most of it. That's what House Doctor and many other home decorating shows will tell you. Garish colour schemes, flower-power curtains and messy clutter are just some of the ways to devalue your property.

  • 23rd June 2008

    Net addicts skip meals and sex in favour of porn and games

    Akin to other 'addicts,' sufferers experience withdrawal symptoms

    1:12 PM — The internet, one of wonders of the modern age, is in fact a place of sordid and unhealthy addiction, according to a leading psychiatrist.

  • 21st June 2008

    COMMENT: “Gay brain” study makes sweeping generalisations 15

    s the study saying that the brain shape dictates sexual attraction?

    3:00 AM — Many of you have probably read about the recent study that says the brain makeup of gay males is similar to that of straight women, and that holds true for gay women and straight men.

  • 18th June 2008

    London’s gay rugby club in world tournament final 1

    The Steelers, who are sponsored by the Metropolitan Police and Manhunt.com, had both the first and second teams reach the finals for the Bingham Cup and the Bingham Bowl respectively

    3:54 PM — London’s only gay rugby club, the world famous Kings Cross Steelers has won places in the finals of The Bingham Cup in Dublin, Ireland.

  • New series exposes the level of drug use in London clubs

    Current TV covers topics that have been flagged as interesting by viewers, it has featured a number of stories from the PinkNews.co.uk website

    11:17 AM — A New TV series called 'Wasted', which is due to air on Current TV next week, will expose the ways in which drugs and alcohol are used and abused by young people today.

  • 17th June 2008

    Survey reveals that 41% of HIV infected men are unaware of status

    Curiously, undiagnosed men were more likely to report their most recent HIV test was in the 12 months prior to the survey than HIV-negative men, but were less likely to report never having tested

    1:05 PM — A recent survey has revealed that HIV positive men who are aware of their diagnosis are more likely to have unprotected sex then men who are unaware of their status.

  • Gay wedding fever in California after ban on gay marriage lifted 6

    John Lewis, left, and Stuart Gaffne celebrate the Supreme Court's decision (Flickr:bobster1985)

    12:50 AM — Gay couples from across America are now taking part in wedding ceremonies in California after the Californian Supreme Court approved gay marriage.

  • Gay and lesbian rights veterans among first to marry in California

    Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin

    12:27 AM — Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin, co-founders of the lesbian social club and advocacy group Daughters of Bilitis in 1955, will finally realize a lifelong dream on Monday when they become one of the first gay couples to wed legally in California.

  • 16th June 2008

    Homosexuals found to have ‘different brain structure’ in new study 8

    These studies imply that the brains of the gay men have functional similarities to those of a straight women, and that homosexuality is not of a moral choice, but one of biological substrate

    12:38 PM — Scientists have recently found that the brains of homosexuals have structural and functional differences from those of their straight counterparts.

  • Amy Winehouse in hot water after shocking video found

    Winehouse attended rehab but left before her stay was scheduled to end earlier this year

    11:59 AM — Video taped footage of troubled British soul singer Amy Winehouse in a crack den singing racist chants and performing sexual acts with her husband has allegedly been obtained by tabloid News of the World, FOX News is reporting.

  • Terrence Higgins Trust urge Pride revellers to ‘Get it on’

    THT staff and volunteers will be distributing the ‘Get it On’ condom packs on the streets of central London whilst Pride is on

    11:30 AM — HIV and sexual health charity Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) will be distributing 50,000 condom packs to revellers at this year's London Pride event, due to be held on Saturday 5th July.

  • 13th June 2008

    Gay rugby world cup kicks off in Dublin

    London team Kings Cross Steelers will take on opponents from around the world

    12:27 PM — The Bingham Cup started in Dublin today with 32 teams competing for the biggest prize in gay rugby. London team Kings Cross Steelers will take on opponents such as the Nashville Grizzlies.

  • 10th June 2008

    Pride barbecues? Some friendly tips

    Ready to set the bbq up yet?

    9:33 PM — A bit of sun is the only excuse us Brits need to get the barbecue out and with Pride events on the calender across the country, there's even more of an excuse.

  • Gardening tips for June

    Prune and shape spring-flowering plants and deadhead summer ones to encourage more growth.

    9:29 PM — June is a great time to be outside: the weather is warm, but without the prolonged heat and humidity that’s sure to follow. Annuals and perennials are blooming, and if you’re lucky enough to have planted an early edible garden, you can harvest salad greens, spinach, peas and strawberries.

  • Gardening: A gay gazebo for your garden?

    A gazebo for your gay garden?

    9:23 PM — In Victorian times, a garden gazebo was a place for the ladies to retreat from the sun so as not to mar their perfect, porcelain skin. Today, gazebos can be used in a multitude of ways and can be designed to fit into any landscape. If you are thinking of adding a gazebo to your garden, there are some basic questions you will need to consider.

  • Feature: The dos and don’ts of décor

    The dos and don'ts all explained for you

    9:14 PM — When it comes to placing furnishing, soft furnishings and accessories in a nicely decorated room, there are a few design industry dos and don'ts to follow. These help to get a room in good proportion and style.

  • Bring a little green to your interiors

    Flowers can make all the difference

    9:10 PM — Interior designers spend time and money on the finishing touches that bring a room’s design together. Simple additions like living plants and fresh cut flowers can add a sense of calm and breathe life into a room’s design. But these are all too often ignored.

  • Interior design for exterior rooms

    The perfect home garden or garden home or... you get the picture

    9:07 PM — Homeowners have become inspired to integrate their garden with their interiors, and vice versa. Terraces mean that outdoor garden areas have become an extension of the home and an ideal introduction to your garden. It is a room with the best view in the house.

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