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  • 22nd July 2009

    Nations of the world meet to discuss and celebrate gay rights movement 1

    The Would Outgames 2009 is to be held next week

    12:55 PM — Copenhagen is next week hosting World Outgames 2009, a nine-day festival of sports, culture, and a conference on gay rights that will involve over 100 countries under the banner "Love of freedom, freedom to love".

  • 21st July 2009

    Second annual gay rodeo held in Philadelphia 3

    The rodeo is being held later this month

    5:34 PM — The second annual gay rodeo, 'Stampede', is being held by the Liberty Gay Rodeo Association in Philadelphia from July 31st - August 2nd.

  • 25th June 2009

    Gay referee divides opinion in Turkish football 4

    A gay referee has caused waves in Turkey

    12:47 PM — A football referee in Turkey has claimed he was dismissed by the game's governing body for being gay.

  • 18th June 2009

    Fears for gay participants of World Outgames 1

    Gay participants at the World Outgames may face violence or death, a city councillor has warned

    3:56 PM — LGBT people may face imprisonment or even capital punishment after taking part in the annual World Outgames, a policitian has warned.

  • 12th June 2009

    First trans man to play competitive football in Australia 6

    Will is hoping to join the Bendigo football league

    1:26 PM — Next season, a 25-year-old trans man will become the first to play competitive football in a men's team in Australia. Will, who did not want to give his full name, has been living as a man for the last two years.

  • 27th May 2009

    Gay couples ‘are better at communicating’ 113

    Gay couples have better communication, the surveys suggested

    4:11 PM — Recent studies indicate that same-sex couples have greater levels of satisfaction in their relationships than their heterosexual counterparts due to better communication.

  • 19th May 2009

    London team victorious at gay football championship 3

    The winning Falcons five-a-side team

    5:39 PM — Richmond-based London Falcons FC are celebrating after winning the annual Gay Footballers' Support Network National five-a-side Championship in Cardiff.

  • 15th May 2009

    Boy, 14, found guilty of chanting homophobic abuse at footballer Sol Campbell 8

    Sol Campbell spoke of his "disgust" over the homophobic chants

    4:15 PM — A 14-year-old boy and a 42-year-old man were today found guilty of shouting "disgusting" homophobic abuse at footballer Sol Campbell at a match in September last year.

  • 5th May 2009

    Gay footballers celebrate win privately for fear of being outed 13

    The football team were forced to celebrate in private

    1:28 PM — The Scottish football team which won the Gay National League Cup had to celebrate its victory in private because some players were afraid of losing their jobs.

  • 22nd April 2009

    Transexual tennis star beaten at Buenos Aires tournament 2

    Andrea Paredes von Roth lost out to Nicola Slater

    6:46 PM — It has been over three decades since Renee Richards became the first transsexual in professional tennis. However, a Chilean transsexual called Andrea Paredes von Roth made her debut in Buenos Aires in a Futures tournament at the age of 37 yesterday.

  • Football Association begins research on homophobia in sport 2

    The FA has started to conduct research in an attempt to crack down on gender discrimination and homophobia

    4:40 PM — The FA has started to conduct research in an attempt to crack down on gender discrimination and homophobia. To do this, they have recruited two researchers to find out more about the football experience of people from gay, lesbian and bi-sexual communities.

  • 17th April 2009

    BBC cookery programme seeks gay families 3

    Producers are seeking a gay or lesbian family to learn how to eat healthily for less (Photo: Flickr user srqpix)

    3:34 PM — The producers of a new BBC programme, Economy Gastronomy, are seeking a family headed by a gay or lesbian couple to appear on the show. The peak-time show will teach families how to stop wasting, learn to shop economically and eat better for less.

  • Football bodies urged to crack down on homophobic and racist abuse

    The Professional Footballers' Association has warned players may start walking off the pitch

    10:41 AM — The Professional Footballers' Association warned yesterday that football governing bodies must take stronger action on racism and homophobia or risk footballers going on strike.

  • Olympics winner: ‘Being gay cost me sponsorships’ 18

    Matthew Mitcham has suggested being gay may have cost him sponsorship deals

    10:29 AM — Matthew Mitcham, the Australian diver who won the ten-metre platform gold medal at the Beijing Olympics, has said he believes he lost sponsorship deals due to being openly gay.

  • 27th March 2009

    Comment: I’m not hungry – Gay men and eating disorders 8

    Omar Hassan argues that gay men have a higher rate of eating disorders (Flickr: B Hernandez)

    12:16 PM — Omar Hassan examines eating disorders in the gay community and explores issues such as peer pressure, low self-esteem and how the gay press presents beauty.

  • 24th March 2009

    Opinion: Ending the DINK myth 4

    (Photo: Flickr OiMax)

    2:48 PM — For around twenty years the perception of lesbian and gay people has been biased. There is a overwhelming myth about gays and lesbians which is tied to their public profile, particularly that of well-known people, that gay people are better off.

  • Study explodes gay affluence myth 3

    The survey suggested LGB couples are more likely to be living in poverty than straight couples

    2:39 PM — A study of lesbian, gay and bisexual couples in America has suggested that they are as likely, or more likely, to be living in poverty as straight couples. It found that 24 per cent of lesbians and bisexual women are poor, while 19 per cent of heterosexual women experience poverty. Around 15 per cent of gay and bisexual men are living in poverty, compared to 13 percent of heterosexual males.

  • 18th March 2009

    Former baseball star Lenny Dykstra refutes homophobia claims 3

    Former Mets and Phillies player Lenny Dykstra refuted the allegations

    5:26 PM — Former Mets player Lenny Dykstra has been accused of using homophobic, racist and sexist language in a GQ interview. Written by Kevin Coughlin, who used to work on one of Dykstra's publications, The Players Club, the article alleges offensive comments made by Dykstra.

  • Italian footballer calls homosexuality ‘a sin’ 36

    Nicola Legrottaglie released his autobiography today

    1:23 PM — Juventus defender Nicola Legrottaglie has denounced homosexuality as a sin and said it is "seen like fashion" these days. In his autobiography, released today, he discussed his Christian beliefs and recommended that gay people should read the Bible.

  • 13th March 2009

    Study to be released on poverty among gay Americans 8

    Gay affluence is "a myth" according to the study (Flickr: Cbanck)

    5:48 PM — An analysis of poverty among lesbian, gay and bisexual Americans is to be presented to Congress next Friday. Its authors have said it undermines myth of gay affluence and demonstrates that lesbian, gay and bisexual citizens are as likely, or more likely, to be poor than heterosexuals.


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