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Home and Garden

  • 10th June 2008

    Bring a little green to your interiors

    Flowers can make all the difference

    9:10 PM — Interior designers spend time and money on the finishing touches that bring a room’s design together. Simple additions like living plants and fresh cut flowers can add a sense of calm and breathe life into a room’s design. But these are all too often ignored.

  • Interior design for exterior rooms

    The perfect home garden or garden home or... you get the picture

    9:07 PM — Homeowners have become inspired to integrate their garden with their interiors, and vice versa. Terraces mean that outdoor garden areas have become an extension of the home and an ideal introduction to your garden. It is a room with the best view in the house.

  • DIY:Eco-friendly floors

    Are eco-friendly floors a reality?

    9:00 PM — For a touch of class and a natural modern feel, you can’t beat a real wood floor. It goes with every colour scheme, looks elegant and is easy to clean. But is not necessarily the most environment-friendly of options.

  • Beauty without boldness

    Globaltex Tropicana collection: fabric designs inspired from fresh, vibrant, tropical and natural forms with a contemporary feel.

    8:42 PM — It’s nice to be able to keep up with current trends in home furnishings and interiors but we also have to live in our homes, and while this season’s chocolate and mocha seem inviting, the similarly trendy fuchsia and aqua shades could prove a little irksome after time.

  • 16th May 2008

    Interview: a little Dutch girl named Brecht Olsthoorn

    Octopus Cushion Cover Room Seven www.roomseven.com

    10:31 PM — Once upon a time there was a little Dutch girl named Brecht Olsthoorn who loved to watch her mother and father making beautiful clothes for children. She was so inspired by the beautiful fabrics, colours and patterns that she aspired to follow in her parents’ footsteps oneday.

  • 25th April 2008

    DIY disasters

    11:20 PM — Trying to save money by doing tricky DIY jobs around your home and garden can leave you more short-changed if you are forced to pay a professional to sort out your mess.

  • The year-round lush lawn

    11:15 PM — The idea of artificial turf may conjure up unpleasant memories for football supporters following several poorly received uses of it on the pitch at QPR and Luton in the 1980s, but for gardeners it may represent a dream of low-maintenance – if only it didn’t look like one of those green plastic doormats.

  • Money down the loo

    11:08 PM — You may not pay it much thought, but every time you flush the toilet you could be pouring money down the drain. Pulling the chain accounts for a third of all the water we use in our homes and that can add up to a hefty water bill, as well as being extremely wasteful.

  • Al fresco dining

    11:01 PM — For most of us the reality of eating outdoors does not always equal a fun-packed time. If you're not dodging wasps and other insects then you're getting sunburnt or rained on while waiting endlessly for some blackened piles of mush that use to resemble food to be dropped on to your paper plate.

  • 16th April 2008

    TV duo become civil partners in Chelsea ceremony 10

    The Scottish duo have told the press several times they intend to get hitched.

    3:20 PM — Interior designers Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan have become civil partners. The Channel Five stars held a secret ceremony in London last month.Details of their nuptials at Chelsea Old Town Hall in London on February 15th have only come to light now.They first announced their intention to 'tie the knot' in January 2007. Commenting on the delay Mr Ryan, 41, said: "For some reason, we have never got round to making it legal."

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