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  • 5th January 2007

    Panto in aid of gay rights campaigners

    Will there be cross-dressing, romance, tiny shorts, comedy, smut, pathos and sweet-throwing? Oh yes there will!  photo: Jonathan Clarke

    11:33 AM — London Frontrunners, the gay and lesbian running club, will present a one-off special performance of its pantomime Cinders and the Panto Pride Run on 21 January 2007 at the Black Cap in Camden, in aid of Stonewall.The show was first seen at Clapham's The Two Brewers in December.The pantomime's writers, Jon Bradfield and Martin Hooper, told PinkNews.co.uk "There are so many fairytales. But there aren't any gay ones yet - the coming out story is the closest we have. So we thought about creating our own."

  • Prison Break star quashes gay rumours

    He has become something of a gay icon as a result of his role in the homo-erotically charged prison drama.

    11:11 AM — The star of hit TV show Prison Break has responded to rumours he is gay.Wentworth Miller has built up a huge following in the gay community after coming to prominence playing the role of Michael Scofield.Miller, who was born in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, is quoted by WENN as stating, "No, I'm not gay. I know these rumours are out there...I'm cool with the fact that they exist, I mean this is about fantasy."

  • 3rd January 2007

    32% of LGBT net users online more than 24 hours a week 57

    The survey of over 2,500 adults, conducted by Harris interactive, also revealed that gays are twice as likely to visit blogs.

    4:55 PM — A recent survey of internet use in the USA has shown that gays, lesbians and bisexuals are online more often than their straight counterparts.The study also revealed that sites like youtube.com, MySpace and Friendster are more popular with LGBT surfers than with heteros.Excluding email, nearly twice as many gays and lesbians (32%) say they are online between 24 and 168 hours per week, compared to 18 percent of heterosexuals.

  • Who’s Who embraces gay partners

    For the first time, Elton John's entry in the 2007 edition mentions “husband“ David Furnish

    12:10 PM — It is the reference guide to the great and the good of British society. Every year since 1849 it has listed those judged prominent enough in public life to be included.Now, for the first time, among the ossified entries listing the achievements and hobbies of retired civil servants, obscure peers and failed politicians, will be a shining example of 21st century modernity.

  • 2nd January 2007

    A chance to catch up with This Life’s gay icon

    Throw into the mix the volatile, sexy Anna, the uptight Miles, the troubled artist Egg and the sensible Milly, and it was TV gold.

    5:13 PM — Tonight, BBC2 will be showing a programme that many viewers have been waiting a decade for.Cult hit drama This Life featured what many consider to be the one of the most influential gay characters in the history of television.Writer Amy Jenkins has returned to the lives of Egg, Milly, Anna, Miles and most importantly Warren, ten years after the series began.

  • Russian New Years Eve nets George Michael £1.5m

    It could be argued that the London-born star gave the most expensive performance in Russian history.

    5:13 PM — Pop icon George Michael has rounded off a triumphant European tour with a performance at a private function in Moscow on Sunday night, and came away £1.5m richer.The singer, who has had a turbulent 2006, saw in the New Year in the company of 300 guests of an un-named Russian billionaire, peforming an hour-long concert at the oligarch's mansion near Moscow.Michael's huge pay packet outstrips the £1m that American diva Christina Aguilera allegedly received for performing at the wedding of another rich Russian in September 2005.

  • Steps star comes out before entering Celeb Big Brother 2

    Watkins, a former Butlins redcoat, also revealed that he had a ten-year relationship with the band's manager, Tim Byrne, which ended recently.

    5:13 PM — Ian Watkins, a former member of Steps, has revealed that he is gay. The 30-year-old Welshman, better known as H, is taking part in this year's Celebrity Big Brother, which begins tonight on Channel 4.Watkins, a former Butlins redcoat, also revealed that he had a ten-year relationship with the band's manager, Tim Byrne, which ended recently.In an allusion to the Little Britain character of Daffyd, he told The Sun, "I come from a small valley in Wales and it just wasn't the thing to do to be gay. It's a bit of a cliche — but I was the only gay in the village."

  • George Michael charged by police 2

    2006 was a bad year for the former Wham! front man, who came out of the closet in 1998 after being arrested in Los Angeles for cottaging.

    9:18 AM — Troubled pop icon George Michael has been formally charged following an incident last year when he was found by police in his car in Cricklewood, north London, allegedly passed out.Members of the public had called the police in the early hours of October 1st to deal with a Mercedes Benz S-Class car which was obstructing traffic lights.Michael was found at the wheel semi-conscious, taken to hospital and then arrested for suspected possession of drugs.

  • 29th December 2006

    Elton John’s birthday venue closing

    It was the scene of one of the campest and most extravagant moments of the 1990s when Sir Elton turned up to his party dressed in the style of an 18th Century Versailles character

    12:00 AM — A venue which has played host to gay stars such as Elton John is facing closure, according to reports.The Hammersmith Palais is to be demolished after 90 years and turned into offices and a restaurant, a far cry from the days where it would hold wartime tea parties or Sir Elton's 50th birthday bash.

  • Camper than Christmas?

    It's Now Or Never  is an example of the sort of high-concept TV format that seems to have dominated the schedules in recent years.

    12:00 AM — For some it was the most exquisite realisation of their gay daydreams - what if real life was just like a musical?For others it was car crash television, a jaw-dropping, buttock-clenching disaster and yet another sign that ITV have lost not just the plot but the whole damn novel.Viewers will have a chance to judge for themselves as the programme that divided the critics returns to our screens tomorrow night.

  • 28th December 2006

    Barrowman celebrates gay partnership 1

    Barrowman plays bisexual character Captain Jack Harkness in the Doctor Who spin off Torchwood

    12:00 AM — Gay actor John Barrowman celebrated his civil partnership this week.The Torchwood star had a civil ceremony with his partner of 16 years Scott Gill in Cardiff.The star took time out of his filming schedule as well as appearing in panto to have his relationship recognised.

  • 27th December 2006

    Moyles becomes only gay in the village

    Last November, Stonewall supporters chose Moyles out of a list of public figures including former Muslim Council of Britain head Sir Iqbal Sacranie and the Archbishop of Westminster, who are seen to have caused distress in the gay community

    12:00 AM — Radio DJ Chris Moyles looks to be trying to shake off his Bully of the Year award after turning up to the BBC station's Christmas party dressed as Little Britain's Daffyd.The presenter, who has repeatedly offended the gay community over the last year, turned up dressed as the only gay in the vilalage character made famous by gay comedian Matt Lucas.

  • Clarkson denies gay car comment was homophobic 28

    Jeremy Clarkson has hit out at the BBC after he was reprimanded for describing a car as gay

    12:00 AM — Jeremy Clarkson has hit out at the BBC after he was reprimanded for describing a car as gay.The Top Gear presenter picked up a remark from an audience that a certain car was "gay", the presenter then backed it up by saying, "a bit gay, yes very ginger beer" which is cockney rhyming slang for queer.

  • NFL fines player for anti-gay slur

    One of only three NFL players to ever publicly reveal his homosexuality, recently accused the league of being homophobic

    12:00 AM — An American Football player has been fined for using homophobic language.Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Joey Porter has been given a $10,000 fine by the National Football League, for using an anti-gay language to describe Cleveland Browns tight end Kellen Winslow, following a game between the two teams earlier this month.

  • 22nd December 2006

    BBC to show Diana tribute concert 1

    Princes William and Harry recently unveiled plans for a Concert for Diana, to celebrate their mother's life

    12:00 AM — The BBC has been chosen to be the UK broadcast partner for next summer's Concert For Diana which Princes William and Harry are organising for 1 July 2007.Princes William and Harry recently unveiled plans for a Concert for Diana, to celebrate their mother's life, as well as a memorial service on August 31 2007.

  • Lesbian comic key to ratings 3

    O'Donnell, by the way, also has a feud on-going with the former Cheers actress Kirsty Alley over the same issue

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk's Ben Leung assesses the presenting future for lesbian comic Rosie O'DonnellAll good things must come to an end, and it seems like my love affair with file-sharing sites could be ending sooner than I'd anticipated - if those media bigwigs get their way.

  • Donald Trump not feeling Rosie

    A row has broken out between US business mogul Donald Trump and lesbian comic Rosie O'Donnell

    12:00 AM — A row has broken out between US business mogul Donald Trump and lesbian comic Rosie O'Donnell.O'Donnell expressed opposition to the way the tycoon has treated Miss USA amid reports of a drug problem.The Trumpster had ordered Miss USA to pack her bags and vacate her Trump Plaza apartment, leaving her tiara on the nightstand on her way out, but Tara Conner will now keep her title after pageant overlord Donald Trump opted not to fire her.

  • Gay gossip blogger hits back at lawsuit

    Hilton makes his living throwing dirt at a bevy of Hollywood celebrities

    12:00 AM — Gay gossip blogger Perez Hilton is speaking out against the company suing him for copyright infringement over the usage of celebrity photos on his web site.In an exclusive interview with EDGENewYork.com, Perez says he will "defend my life and my freedom" against what he says is no more than a "publicity stunt."

  • Walliams reveals rift with Boy George

    The artist was appearing on Channel 4's Big Fat Quiz of the Year when he asked Walliams about Matt Lucas

    12:00 AM — Gay singer Boy George got his claws out against comic David Walliams this week while filming a comedy quiz.The artist was appearing on Channel 4's Big Fat Quiz of the Year when he asked Walliams about Matt Lucas, his Little Briatian partner's civil partnership last week.

  • Lesbians, AIDS, teenage pregnancy: The life of Pauline Fowler

    Pauline will die on Christmas Day after collapsing

    12:00 AM — EastEnder Pauline Fowler has had to deal with more issues than most mothers, first her teenage daughter is impregnated by the local gangster, then her eldest son dies from AIDS, and to top that off her daughter in law leaves her youngest son to become a lesbian only to later change her mind.But the battleaxe will be laid to rest this Christmas as Wendy Richard leaves the show ending a 22 year stint.

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