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  • 24th September 2007

    Christian theatre group condemns comedian’s Emmy speech 7

    Christian groups have been up and arms about Griffin's speech since the ceremony two weeks ago.

    11:06 AM — If Kathy Griffin's ultimate goal in life is to get off of the D List, winning an Emmy was a good start.And annoying a Christian Theatre so much they'd spend $90,000 on an ad in USA Today condemning her Emmy speech is the icing on the cake.The Miracle Theatre Group, based in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee was so offended by Kathy's acceptance speech they pooled funds to take out the full page ad in the daily newspaper

  • 21st September 2007

    Clary returns to the West End

    Julian started his stand-up career as The Joan Collins Fanclub in the 1980s.

    3:23 PM — Julian Clary will be replacing James Dreyfus to play the role of Emcee in The Lyric Theatre's production of Cabaret.The comedian, TV presenter, actor and novelist is joining the cast of the hit musical from 2 October, returning to the West End after a successful run as Leigh Bowery in Boy George's musical Taboo in 2002.Directed by Rufus Norris, the production celebrates its first year on 10 October. Julian is one of several cast changes.

  • COMMENT: George Michael can’t shrug off HIV 5

    The man runs from himself and turns his back on everything he stands for when he refuses to get tested for HIV.

    1:25 PM — It can be argued that George Michael's recent decision to pull his interview from the upcoming BBC programme Stephen Fry: HIV and Me is justified because it's such a personal issue.However, to discover that he does not believe in HIV tests and finds waiting for results too harrowing is pathetic and cowardly.Someone who is a role model, idol and influencer for so many, hiding from an infection which eventually led to the death of his former partner, Anselmo Feleppa, through an AIDS-related illness, is ignorant.

  • The Puppini Sisters join the Supper Club

    The supper guests are chauffeur driven to an exclusive Café de Paris after-dinner party for drinks, dancing and swing covers from the singing trio.

    10:09 AM — This year the Terrence Higgins Trust Supper Club will be entertained by the fabulous The Puppini Sisters.The stylish fundraiser, in association with glam brand Kiehl's, takes place on Tuesday 6 November. 50 different dinner parties will be held simultaneously in fabulous locations around London.The supper guests are then chauffeur driven to an exclusive Café de Paris after-dinner party for drinks, dancing and swing covers from the singing trio.

  • 20th September 2007

    BBC removes George Michael from HIV documentary 4

    The first part of Stephen Fry: HIV and Me will be broadcast on BBC2 on Tuesday 2nd October. photo: BBC Publicity

    4:03 PM — Pop star George Michael's appearance in new BBC documentary Stephen Fry: HIV and Me has been removed at his request.During an interview in which the pop star was asked about his personal experiences relating to HIV, George commented that he does not do tests and hasn't had one since 2004 because he fears the results.Host Stephen Fry then disagrees with him and takes a HIV test, which is negative, there and then to make his point.

  • Britney’s biggest fan gets reality TV show 1

    Frustrated by the complete lack of gay scene in his small southern home town, Crocker turned to the internet, finding a tolerant community and online audience.

    1:01 PM — New internet celebrity Chris Crocker, whose melodramatic yet heartfelt "leave Britney alone" tantrum has received more than 8 million hits on YouTube, has reportedly landed a television deal.Signed by 44 Blue Productions, Tennessee's newly famous 20-year old is set to appear in his own reality TV show.The award-winning production company based in California company told Variety.com: "It's going to pretty much be the 'Chris Crocker experience'".

  • Xbox game courts controversy with lesbian scene 1

    In the UK, where Mass Effect is due to be released on November 23rd, children as young as 12 will be allowed to purchase the game.

    10:33 AM — A new video game designed exclusively for the Xbox 360 is stirring up controversy for including an optional lesbian sex scene.Mass Effect, from game developer BioWare, will allow players to engage in romantic interludes with other game characters, including same-sex relationships between female characters.Spoilers on the game were published recently by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC).

  • Gay sports people star in GLAAD ads

    Sports star John Amaechi appears in the ads about acceptance and the harmful power of anti gay words.

    10:23 AM — This month the Gay Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) announced a new series of "Be an Ally a Friend" public service announcements featuring 22 top entertainers.Sports stars John Amaechi, and Martina Navratilova, join award-winning actors like Marlee Matlin and T.R. Knight in these spots about acceptance and the harmful power of anti gay words.Formed in 1985 GLAAD was established to educate Hollywood's entertainment industry on the importance of more accurate and realistic portrayals of gay people on the screen.

  • 19th September 2007

    Interview: Pricking the bubble of Hollywood celebrity

    Cultural theorist, nightlife journalist and author, Paul Burston has chronicled gay popular and club culture for over 14 years.

    11:54 AM — "What child would want to be Graham Norton when they are older?" asks Paul Burston."No offence to Graham, what he does is great, but he is not the image you aspire to. When you are a young gay kid, you want to be gay but normal."And he ought to know. Cultural theorist, nightlife journalist andauthor, Paul Burston has chronicled gay popular and club culture formore than 14 years.

  • 17th September 2007

    Play about homophobia to tour schools

    Earlier this year research published by Stonewall found that almost two thirds (65%) of lesbian, gay and bisexual pupils had experienced homophobic bullying in schools.

    11:05 AM — Gay equality organisation Stonewall has teamed up with a well-known writer/director to raise awareness of the problem of homophobic bulling in schools.Fit, a new play aimed at tackling the problem and raising awareness amongst young people, is set to begin a tour of schools and theatres across the country.Co-produced by Stonewall and queerupnorth international festival,Fit is written and directed by acclaimed writer/director Rikki Beadle-Blair.

  • Johannesburg Pride a symbol of freedom

    Joburg Pride Festival Week will conclude on Saturday October 6th with the Parade and 'Party in the Park' at Zoo Lake Sports Club.

    10:25 AM — Johannesburg will celebrate its 18th annual Joburg Pride Parade on October 6th.It will be preceded by a series of events designed to commemorate the country's landmark constitutional freedoms that make South Africa the first and only country in the world to have a constitution that expressly guarantees protection from discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation.The first ever African gay and lesbian Pride parade took place in Johannesburg in 1990 with fewer than a thousand participants.

  • 13th September 2007

    Gay professionals event up for community award

    The first Village Drinks Brighton  South Coast event will take place at the Hanbury Club on Thursday 25th October.

    1:05 PM — Village Drinks is among the organisations in contention for the prestigious Stonewall Community Group of the Year at the Stonewall Awards.Earlier this year Village Drinks founder Neil Spring made it into the Independent on Sunday Pink List of the 100 most influential gay people in Britain.Organisers of the leading social networking evenings have announced that it is to launch an event in Brighton.

  • New documentary features gay Muslim experience

    Sharma's film aims to empower “a community that has been silenced, allowing them to tell the story about Islam.“

    11:35 AM — A number of movies set in the Middle East have been shown during this week's Toronto International Film Festival, but only one of them focuses on gay Muslims.That film, A Jihad For Love, is a documentary Indian filmmaker Parvez Sharma drafted in the six years following the September 11th 2001 attacks in New York.In that time, Sharma followed the experiences of gay Muslims in 12 countries, including India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, South Africa and France.

  • 12th September 2007

    Your views on political adverts on gay websites 71

    Should PinkNews.co.uk accept advertisements from any political party?

    6:07 PM — Last Friday PinkNews.co.uk started to feature adverts from the Conservative party.The advertisements feature party leader David Cameron alongside a series of messages on a variety of campaign issues.Their appearance on the site generated a lot of interest and was reported by Associated Press and in The Yorkshire Post, The Sun and a range of other publications.

  • Lesbian rocker to raise cancer awareness

    Rocktober will feature live music events, kicked off with Melissa Etheridge's album release concert, at Hard Rock Cafes worldwide.

    3:35 PM — Lesbian rock icon, 2007 Oscar winner, two-time Grammy winner and breast cancer survivor Melissa Etheridge, is partnering with Hard Rock International for the launch of Rocktober.The month-long commitment aims to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research through sales of a collectable Rocktober pin, a series of worldwide live music events and special Pink Cocktails at Hard Rock establishments around the world.

  • 11th September 2007

    Actor admits gay Hollyoaks role was uncomfortable 4

    The Craig Dean character is leaving the show later this month. photo: Channel 4

    3:23 PM — Teen soap Hollyoaks' gay storyline has been a hit with viewers, but one of the actors involved has spoken about his concerns at the plotline.Craig Dean, played by Guy Burnet, has been coming to terms with his homosexuality after falling for friend John Paul McQueen, played by James Hutton. The Craig Dean character is leaving the show later this month.In an interview with Digital Spy, Burnet said that he argued against his seemingly-heterosexual character coming out.

  • Calls for greater tolerance of gender diversity in Singapore 4

    Unlike many other transsexuals in Asia who prefer to live privately because of the social stigma of sex change, British-educated Leona Lo has chosen to live a normal life, but in public. Photo: jo.in.pink@flickr.com

    3:23 PM — A transsexual woman from Singapore has embarked on a mission to help turn around the "culture of shame" surrounding transsexuals in Singapore.Unlike many other transsexuals in Asia who prefer to live privately because of the social stigma of sex change, British-educated Leona Lo has chosen to live a normal life, but in public.Leona is a 32-year-old communications specialist who heads her own public relations company.

  • London host to celebration of open relationships

    Last year the event attracted more than 250 participants. It aims to demonstrate that “relationships don't have to be monogamous.“

    3:17 PM — A celebration of open and polyamorous relationships will be held later this month.Polyday will combine a day of discussions and an evening of music and dancing, giving attendees an opportunity to "meet others, to build a community, and to celebrate their varied lives."Last year the event attracted more than 250 participants. It aims to demonstrate that "relationships don't have to be monogamous."

  • Channel 4 to show ad for anti-gay Christianity crash-course 21

    The advertisement forms part of a major campaign by the Alpha UK group, which is renowned for its conservative approach.

    11:15 AM — Channel 4 is to broadcast an advertisement for the Alpha Course, an evangelical programme run by Alpha UK, who promote the idea that homosexuality is a sin.The Alpha Course is a ten-week programme designed to introduce students to Christianity.The advertisement forms part of a major campaign by the Alpha UK group, which is renowned for its conservative approach.

  • Jim Davidson quits Hells Kitchen after gay row 11

    Jim Davidson has quit Hells Kitchen

    9:20 AM — Controversial Comedian Jim Davidson has walked out of ITV1's Hell's Kitchen after a row with fellow contestant, the gay television presenter Brian Dowling."Why do shirt-lifters pull that same face?" Davidson asked Dowling and another contestant about some customers in the restaurant."Please don't say shirt-lifters," Brian replied. "It's really rude."

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