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  • 24th June 2008

    Jerusalem Pride goes ahead despite court challenge 1

    In 2005 a man stabbed three Pride participants

    1:32 PM — Israel's Supreme Court yesterday rejected a petition to ban this year's Jerusalem Gay Pride parade, which will go ahead as planned on Thursday.

  • Video: The gay advert that Heinz decided to pull 21

    Heinz had no response for the many gay consumers it had also offended by its actions

    1:22 PM — Heinz said in a statement: "It is our policy to listen to consumers." Presumably that includes gay people too.

  • Stonewall calls for Heinz boycott after they pull the plug on gay advert 56

    Heinz had no response for the many gay consumers it had also offended by its actions

    1:20 PM — Gay equality organisation Stonewall has called on all consumers, gay and straight, to boycott leading worldwide food brand Heinz following its decision to pull a TV advertisement that depicted a same-sex couple.

  • Boy George denied US entry visa 1

    Boy George is only the latest in string of celebs faced with visa troubles

    11:34 AM — United States Customs isn't keen on giving singer Boy George "Time" - according to reports on Monday, the former Culture Club lead singer has been denied a visa.

  • Indian activists plan Pride marches in three cities

    Pride march organisers said they fear they may be targeted by religious groups

    11:01 AM — Gay rights activists from planning Pride events in New Delhi, Calcutta and Bangalore this weekend, undeterred by the fact that homosexual acts are illegal in India.

  • New biography reveals Playboy founder Hugh Hefner’s gay experience

    Stephen Watts tells of Hefner’s Chicago hook up with another man

    10:27 AM — Mr. Playboy: Hugh Hefner and the American Dream is set to hit bookstores later this year, and Playboy founder Hugh Hefner has called it "the most authoritative book ever written about me."

  • 23rd June 2008

    Blue Peter, lesbian rumours and a man in drag

    Blue Peter is the longest-running kids show in history

    5:51 PM — What would Valerie Singleton think? Former Blue Peter face Stuart Miles is all set to shock audiences at this year's Edinburgh Festival.

  • Pride London’s special events for under 25s

    Pride this year is running with the theme of "Myths, Fairytales and Legends"

    5:18 PM — This year's Pride London festival kicks off well in advance of the main parade on 5 July - especially for the under 25s.

  • Gay designer to dress James Bond 1

    Tom Ford made his name designing for Gucci

    4:14 PM — He may have been overlooked, along with many others, by the compilers of the Independent on Sunday's Pink List, but internationally-acclaimed designer Tom Ford is set to become even more famous.

  • Net addicts skip meals and sex in favour of porn and games

    Akin to other 'addicts,' sufferers experience withdrawal symptoms

    1:12 PM — The internet, one of wonders of the modern age, is in fact a place of sordid and unhealthy addiction, according to a leading psychiatrist.

  • 21st June 2008

    Film Review: Mamma Mia! 1

    10:24 PM — If, a few years ago during the height of his James Bond-inspired superstardom, you’d told Pierce Brosnan that his next genuine global smash hit was going to be a musical, he’d probably have called security....

  • The Dark Knight: One of Heath Ledger’s final films reviewed 2

    10:20 PM — When news emerged of Brokeback Mountain star Heath Ledger's untimely accidental death back in January this year, many film fans were shocked by the loss of such a promising, rising star whose portrayal of a closeted gay man changed perceptions of homosexuality across the world.

  • Film Review: Baby Mama

    10:09 PM — You might well think: "This is another one of those chick flicks about a thirty-something woman trying to juggle a career and independence with the tick-tock of her biological clock...."

  • Film Review: City of Men

    10:04 PM — Don’t be fooled by the fact that City of Men is being released by Disney’s grown-up arm Buena Vista – this is about as far from a Disney flick as you could hope to get.

  • Film Review: WALL-E

    10:00 PM — You have to pity the producers of WALL-E, the latest computer-animated offering from the enviable partnership of Disney and Pixar. Despite the relative flop of their 2006 outing Cars, this pairing has a great track record of churning out the likes of The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc, A Bug’s Life, and the Toy Story films.

  • Film Review: Journey to the Centre of the Earth 1

    9:56 PM — Brendan Fraser’s career is an odd one. He’s still best known for his outings in the Indiana Jones-inspired Mummy franchise, to which he will be returning next month for the third direct sequel, not counting the spin-offs The Scorpion King and The Scorpion King 2.

  • Film Review: Kung Fu Panda

    9:53 PM — It's summer, so it must be time for a big budget, all-star cast, computer-animated movie involving talking animals.

  • Film Review: Hancock 1

    9:49 PM — It's summer and in recent years that’s meant one major certainty – a glut of superhero movies featuring characters ever more obscure to the non-comic-reading public.

  • 20th June 2008

    No pre-nup for Ellen and Portia

    Ellen Degeneres and her girlfriend Portia De Rossi

    6:04 PM — Now that same-sex marriages are legal in the state of California, a slew of entertainers are quickly planning their nuptials.

  • Gay social networking site launched in Jamaica 2

    Rainbowvibes.com is described by its founders as "an online hub for Caribbean gay, lesbian, bisexual individuals"

    2:42 PM — A new way for gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans people in the Caribbean to communicate and meet up has been launched.

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