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  • 29th August 2006

    Man City FC sign up to Stonewall diversity scheme 3

    Research by Stonewall shows that being homophobic can cost firms money.

    12:00 AM — Manchester City have become the first professional football club to join the Stonewall Diversity Champions programme.A spokesman for Stonewall, the leading gay rights organisation, praised the club for being the first to "put their head above the parapet," and hinted that other clubs may soon follow Man City's lead.Over 200 companies and organisations have now signed up for the scheme, which promotes good employment practice.

  • Matthew Parris: married on a Thursday 2

    Parris, a former Conservative MP, 'tied the knot' in a ceremony in Bakewell, Derbyshire, last week. His partner is another  Times  journalist, Julian Glover. They have been a couple for 11 years.

    12:00 AM — The Times has revealed its star political columnist Matthew Parris has entered into a civil partnership with his long-time boyfriend.Parris, a former Conservative MP, 'tied the knot' in a ceremony in Bakewell, Derbyshire.His partner is Guardian journalist Julian Glover. They have been a couple for 11 years.

  • Jordan gets gong for gay comedy 3

    Actor Leslie Jordan, a regular guest star in gay sitcom Will and Grace has revealed how tears were flowing on the last day of filming the series (© alanmercer.com)

    12:00 AM — Actor Leslie Jordan, a regular guest star in gay sitcom Will and Grace has revealed how tears were flowing on the last day of filming the series.Speaking after winning an Emmy award for Best Guest Actor in a Comedy Series, he described Debra Messing (Grace) as distraught as the final curtain came down.

  • Saddam suffers South Park

    Saddam Hussein is said to be stuck watching South Park in his cell

    12:00 AM — It has been revealed by the makers of hit cartoon TV show South Park that Saddam Hussein has seen his cartoon movie debut.Trey Parker and Matt Stone speaking at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, claimed that the former dictator has been shown the film "repeatedly" by the US marines guarding him.

  • 25th August 2006

    COMMENT: Not all representation is positive 7

    When it is some Essex white-van man with a can of Stella resting on his belly, chortling at the funny fat faggot mincing round being flamboyantly gay, it becomes much harder to argue that the programme is having a positive impact.

    12:00 AM — Should we be happy that the rather shallow humour of Little Britain is being exported to America?Or that more and more companies are commissioning 'gay' adverts to appeal to homo-consumers?Representation is always a slippery issue. Tony Grew muses on whether more adverts and more gay jokes are a good thing. 

  • 24th August 2006

    Police to march with gay pride in Manchester

    This year around 125 police officers and staff from Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Warwickshire, Lancashire, Cumbria, Humberside, North Wales, Durham and Merseyside will march in the parade under the 'Police with Pride' banner

    12:00 AM — More police officers and staff than ever before will be taking part in this year's Manchester Pride parade on Saturday.This year around 125 police officers and staff from Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Warwickshire, Lancashire, Cumbria, Humberside, North Wales, Durham and Merseyside will march in the parade under the 'Police with Pride' banner.

  • Original Stonewall Inn to close 3

    Greenwich Village has undergone a slow but permanent transformation from dive to desirable, and it seems there is no place for the old Stonewall Inn. (photo: Montrealais@wikipedia)

    12:00 AM — It is where the modern gay rights movement was born. Tired of years of police harassment, the denizens of Manhattan's run-down Stonewall Inn finally stood up for their rights and rioted.The events of those sultry June nights in 1969 ignited a power-keg, and the explosion was heard around the world.Within 12 months there were gay rights movements organising and protesting across the Western world.

  • Comment: Cartoon characters also go to Mars

    So what if gay people buy some Spongebob merchandise, they also buy deodorant

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk's Dave McElhill calls for an end to the hunt for homosexual cartoon characters.The frenzy of concern has recently crossed the channel from the United States and taken hold of the media during the newspaper silly season.Thanks to cigarette smoking blue cats, domestically abusive homophobic miners (Fred Flintstone, apparently), and accusations of characters being overly violent, subversive, or homosexual, the media can complain for long quiet periods about children's television.

  • In my Liverpool homo

    The exhibition features a recreation of a steward's cabin featuring a flamboyant dress of the type worn during camp crew shows.

    12:00 AM — Life for gay men in austere 1950's Britain was grim. Homosexual relationships were illegal and the country had a buttoned-up moral and social atmosphere.One way to escape was to join the merchant navy, where gay flamboyance was tolerated, even welcomed.Now the Merseyside Maritime Museum is hosting an exhibition, entitled Hello Sailor! documenting these hidden gay lives.

  • Petition launched to save gay club

    Kylie Minogue is just one of the stars who has appeared at the venue (Photo: benidorme)

    12:00 AM — A petition has been launched to save the home of the G-A-Y nightclub.The Astoria was sold in June for around £24 million to Derwent Valley developers who intend to turn the venue into shops, offices and flats, but partygoers including the gay community are determined to keep the popular music venue open.

  • Lesbian Barbie upsets Mattel 6

    Barbie's owners are sensitive to the implication that their chattel is not 100% heterosexual. (photo: mickey glitter)

    12:00 AM — The honour of a tiny 46-year-old plastic woman is at the centre of an argument between a Brazilian artist and a major toy manufacturer.The pneumatic curves of the iconic Barbie doll have provided inspiration to photographer Karin Schwarz.Her pictures of the blonde in compromising situations with other female models have upset Mattel

  • 23rd August 2006

    Homophobia, or just time moving on? 1

    “There was not enough of the gay community coming in here to make it a viable proposition. I just want a family-friendly bar which makes money. I am not homophobic.“

    12:00 AM — A Bromley man has told his local paper he fears that a former gay pub is being homophobic by displaying signs informing customers that it is no longer gay.Chris Jones told The Bromley News Shopper that the pub, the Crown Anchor, closed for refurbishment since the start of the month, has been at the centre of gay life in the area for over 20 years.

  • “People have a right to believe homosexuality is wrong” 4

    If you want to catch Q boy he'll be playing Discotec@The End on 31 August, with new artist Katanya, for more details check out his myspace at www.myspace.com/supaboyq

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk's Dave McElhill meets an artist fighting the stereotype of being a gay rapper in an industry perceived to be against him, and instead supporting campaigns against homophobia in schools.A couple of years ago QBoy appeared, and was pasted across the straight media as the acceptable gay, white rapper, confronting homophobic hip hop.But as I wait outside his plush South London apartment as he get dressed, images of a white 50 Cent in a vest are soon dashed.

  • Manc pride to feature 12ft gay angel 2

    Manchester Pride parade will be held this Saturday, and should be the highlight of the week-long festivities.

    12:00 AM — Age Concern are set to make an impression at this year's Manchester pride, with an ingenious float and some custom-made wheel chairs.The charity want to highlight the support they give to older LGBT people, and after individual appearances at a range of pride events, Age Concern branches from across the NorthWest have joined forces.

  • Gay stars dominate Channel 4 schedule

    Star Stories, launched as part of the station's autumn line-up, will include pastiches of the 1985 Live Aid concert featuring George Michael

    12:00 AM — Celebrities including gay stars George Michael and Boy George are to be lampooned in a new satirical sketch show on Channel 4.Star Stories, launched as part of the station's autumn line-up, will include pastiches of the 1985 Live Aid concert featuring George Michael and of Boy George doing his recent community service.

  • Gay presenter to front music quiz show

    Amstell is a former XFM radio presenter

    12:00 AM — Gay comic and ex-Pop World presenter, Simon Amstell, has been announced as the new host of music quiz show Never Mind the Buzzcocks.Amstell, who guest hosted an episode of the show in March, joins the show as full time host, replacing Mark Lamarr, from the next series which will be shown on BBC2 later this year.

  • 21st August 2006

    Where are all the gays, GLAAD asks TV networks

    He has broken taboos by kissing his boyfriend, being topless in bed with him, and seducing his mother's lover. (copyright: ABC)

    12:00 AM — American gay rights activists have revealed that only 1.3% of characters on network entertainment programming are LBGT.The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) said that despite the increased interest in gay and lesbian issues at the cinema, the conservative big six networks were still not anywhere near representative.

  • McKellen and Gervais clash over Extras script

    McKellen's  Extras  appearance will be aired on BBC2 later this year.

    12:00 AM — Gay icon Sir Ian McKellen has revealed that his guest appearance in the upcoming series of BBC hit comedy Extras caused tension with creator Ricky Gervais.The series features famous actors playing grotesque versions of themselves and has previously starred Kate Winslet, Ben Stiller and Samuel L Jackson.Writing on his official website, McKellen revealed that he wanted rewrites to the script.

  • Thorpe: gay rumours don’t bother me

    Thorpe pointedly refuses to deny he is gay, leading to more speculation about one of Australia's sporting heroes. (photo: matthew blank)

    12:00 AM — Olympic legend Ian Thorpe has said that persistent rumours about his sexuality are not based in fact.The 23-year-old swimmer also hit back at rumours that he has grown fat while training in LA.Known as 'The Thorpedo', he won five Olympic gold medals for Australia, and has high hopes for more glory at the 2008 Beijing.

  • Ofcom slaps C4′s wrist over Elton’s teatime cursing

    During the O'Grady show on the 9th May, Elton John discussed his birth name of Reginald Dwight. He said it was the name of a banker, or possibly wanker.

    12:00 AM — Television regulator Ofcom has criticised Channel 4 over an episode of the Paul O'Grady show in which Elton John used the word "wanker."MediaGuardian reports that the regulator regarded the use of the curse word as unfortunate.Although the term is regarded as mild, a large part of O'Grady's audience are older people, and therefore more likely to be offended by its use.

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